Trump is picky about who he forgives and Heck ain’t one of ’em

Donald Trump is rather fickle, perhaps even flighty.

While Mitt Romney, who called Trump a phony and a fraud during the early part of the campaign, is being considered for the post of secretary of State, Joe Heck, who disavowed Trump only after the profane, boastful, misogynistic recording was revealed, can’t get a crumb from Trump.

From the transcript of the Trump interview with The New York Times:

And a senator in Nevada who frankly said, he endorsed me then he unendorsed me, and he went down like a lead balloon. And then they called me before the race and said they wanted me to endorse him and do a big thing and I said, ‘No thank you, good luck.’ You know, let’s see what happens. I said, off the record, I hope you lose. Off the record. He was! He was up by 10 points — you know who I’m talking about.

Actually a representative who wanted to be a senator.

4 comments on “Trump is picky about who he forgives and Heck ain’t one of ’em

  1. Bill says:

    It is difficult to understand why Heck made such a public disavowal and incredibly called for Trump to get out of the race at a time when it was too late for any Republican to qualify as a Republican presidential candidate in most states. It is also difficult to understand why Heck would, just prior to the election, knowingly antagonize a majority of the Republican base. Could he (or more likely his handlers) really believe that the Democrats would cross over and support him and the Independents were all anti-trump? Firfst rule in poilitics. Learn to count. Second rule, don’t gratuitously piss off your base.

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    Mr. Heck blew it! He should have kept his mouth shut, if he did he’d be a Senator!

  3. Rincon says:

    Third rule in politics: Keep your financial masters happy and they will reward you with more money, which translates into job security and therefore, the opportunity to make even more money. There’s a reason why more than half of all Congressmen/women are millionaires.

  4. Linda Sanders says:

    The people who mainly elected Democrats in Nevada consisted of bused in outsiders who were not citizens of NV. If the sore-heads who wanted to send Democrats to the Senate because someone did not swoon over their candidate (who, by the way, did not win NV either
    ) are happy now….that’s all that really matters, right? REVENGE RULES!

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