Why would Trump rail against the Electoral College?


sqibOK, President-elect Trump isn’t as big an idiot as the morning paper would have you believe.

According to a squib atop page 13A, attributed to the AP:

Just two days before Election Day, Republican businessman Donald Trump tweeted: “The Electoral College is a disaster for a democracy.”

As it turns out, without the Electoral College, Trump probably wouldn’t be the president-elect.

A day after Election Day, Clinton held a narrow lead in the popular vote, according to unofficial results tallied by The Associated Press. With nearly 125 million votes counted, Clinton had 47.7 percent of the vote and Trump had 47.5 percent.

Yes, it looks like Clinton is likely to become the second Democratic presidential candidate this century to win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College tally.

So, why would Trump rail against wining three Electoral College votes from states like Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas — one for each representative in Congress and each senator — instead of the one he would have received if only the popular vote counted?

He didn’t.

Yes, the tweet did go out on Nov. 6, but on Nov. 6, 2012, Election Day. Why he did it then is still a question since Obama won both the popular and electoral vote count.


Someone should ask him what he thinks now.

Oh, and why are the words “astonishing victory” and “stunning” in the ledes of the two AP stories on the front page? Astonishing and stunning to whom? The voters? The media? Is that news or opinion?





41 comments on “Why would Trump rail against the Electoral College?

  1. Reziac says:

    I think he says a lot of things off the cuff without having given them much thought, then backtracks and changes his mind, thus says something different, as he gets more info or puts actual consideration into it. So I don’t pay much attention to these twitter pronouncements.

    And taking anything from twitter as someone’s literal and complete philosophy is just disingenuous.

  2. Linda Sanders says:

    Half-cocked Twitterer! He’s our boy!

  3. Especially if it is two years old.

  4. What is wrong with considering changes in the electoral college? Perhaps we should consider handicaps so we are not ruled by the leftists on both coasts. Most of the state of California went red, but the coastal areas went blue all 58 electoral votes went to Clinton. This was always a frustration coming from a rural area in that we had no voice in the process. We should start thinking outside the box.

  5. Bill says:

    One would expect that in the 4 years since this tweet, the President Elect might have had occasion to contemplate the electoral college which our forefathers, in fashioning our democratic REPUBLIC conceived it as at least a potential solution to the potential possibility of a tyranny of an absolute democracy. Do not forget that one definition of an absolute democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

  6. Great, another conspiracy theory…this will never happen. Just like Gary Johnson (3%) and Evan “McMuffin” (.3%) never had a chance to win anything…anything!!!

  7. Steve says:

    Not a conspiracy theory, its only another thing that proves liberals are sore losers.

    I never made and statement that Johnson/Weld had a chance of winning this…as for your thoughts I was pushing a conspiracy theory…I again say you need to get a sense of humor and accept my words were sarcasm outside the known fact Bill Clinton was talking with our President-Elect two weeks prior to Donald Trump announcing his candidacy.
    I say again Bill Clinton is now lamenting his suggestion to Donald that he should run. Bill Clinton knew all it would take to get Donald to run was a little push of the right button. It worked.
    Bill Clinton was hoping for a week opponent to Hillary, he chose poorly.

    I am happier with Donald Trump than I would be with Hillary Clinton and if you think about it, Brien, I was voting for change just as much as you were.

    Perhaps Brien is being an ungracious winner?

  8. Not at all…I’m just growing tired of the weeping and gnashing of teeth, sack cloth and ashes astro turf demonstrations being feverishly reported by the likes of CNN and MSNBC. And the ridiculous notions of Hillary being installed into the presidency by a rogue runaway electoral college. It ain’t gonna happen. If it did…the country would quickly find out what real demonstrations and grid lock looks like.

  9. And yes I totally concur with your first sentence…they ARE sore losers, and my retort to them is suck it up cupcake!

  10. Steve says:

    Right, I posted that link because the question Tom asked was
    “Why would Trump rail against the Electoral College?”

    IF that petition actually gained traction, I think you are totally correct, we would all rail against things and they would get ugly fast.

    And, if you read the story to the end, it also details things like this happen a lot and never amount to much more than whining and moaning by the side that thinks they just lost.
    There are no losers in politics, only decisions the country makes for its future.

    Donald Trump is the atom bomb of change this country needed. That is why he took the election.
    What he does with it now, will be very different from all the rhetoric everyone was spouting during the (war) campaign. Now is time for reality.

    BTW, I am happy to feel I am no longer a “disenfranchised old white guy”…and my investments are absolutely loving this!

  11. Bill says:

    Wasn’t there a media blast when Trump would not, before the election, rule out possibly contesting the election? As I recall Gore did it. There was of course immediate election shaming of Trump by the Democrats joined into by their Greek Chorus, the Main Stream Media. Now we have students in Universities (Yale Law) that are too distressed by Trump’s election to take their tests or to class. They will make great lawyers. The CEO of Pepsi says her workers are fearful and even at the University of Nevada the President (according to the Reno Gazette Journal) addressed the students to assure them that despite a Trump presidency, the University would continue to be diverse. So much for joining together. Are these simply cry babies or are they dedicated antagonists who would happily tear a few more threads of the fabric of society?

  12. Rincon says:

    I had to smile at Bill’s comment about the wolf and sheep voting for dinner. I also have to put it together with Steve and HFB’s comment about sore losers. Losers have every right to be sore when the winner makes it clear that he intends to abuse his power so that he can crap all over them. The “losers” have the power to take matters into their own hands, especially because as a group, they represent 50% of our population.

    Trump may have unintentionally begun the creation of a new American tradition. Today, people agree that the civil unrest of the ’60’s was a potent political force that brought about change that would not have occurred without it. At that time, draftees and black people were the sheep that lost the vote about dinner. They responded by growing teeth.

  13. Steve says:

    Protests of the 60’s had real systemic problem to protest.

    Burning and destroying things because your candidate lost a constitutionally valid election is just destructive to your message and basic whining.

    Take lesson from Bernie Sanders. He showed you the way. And he came into politics as a direct result of those 60’s era protests.

  14. Bill says:

    I can still remember my liberal friends castigating me because when an obscure African American Senator,with no real experience in governing became POTUS, i thought it a historical event but nonetheless opposed what his announced policies were. Over the course of his Presidency, I have seen little to change my opposition. A few of my liberal acquaintances (not my liberal friends) suggested that I was un-American and accused me of wanted him to fail. A few even suggested that my opposition was not founded on my conservatism but on my obvious racism, for, in their minds, to oppose the policies of a black President was prima facie evidence of racism.

    There were no protests, no civil disobedience by those who opposed Obama. No marches. No occupations. No blocking of roads or streets. No college cancelled a classe or a test because the students were too stressed because of the outcome of the election. Media outlets rightly noted the historic event but there was no real analysis or examination of the policies and goals of this new administration.

    Over the next 7 and one half years the media continued to wax rhapsodic and blithely overlooked policy blunders and egregious misconduct on the part of the administration.

    And now the time is different and we have a different player. And what are we seeing? People taking to the streets to protest the outcome of a valid election conducted within the rules. People like the ever bi-parisan Harry Reid, crying that this election will promote rampant racism and bigotry.

    Why are some resisting a peaceful transition? Why are some contesting the right of the winner to govern?

    As my President, Barsck Obama has said, “elections have consequences”, If you don’t like the outcome then work harder the next time but don’t obstruct and resist.

    I have always had some reservations about Trump. I will wait and see and give him all fair opportunities to govern.

    Historically, if you look back, Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman and a few others who became POTUS were not very good prospects before the fact. I am old enough to remember Harry Truman’s ascension to Presidency. He had been selected as a Vice Presidential candidate as simply some one to balance the ticket. He was a nondescript undistinquished Senator from Kansas City who was a product of the Boss Pendergast Machine which in turn had ties to the Binaggio Crime Family.

    In the final analysis, Harry was one of our great Presidents. The office has a way of growing the man.

    So, ask yourself: Who are the demonstrable haters here?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Demonstrable haters? Here’s a few:

    Chemi Shalev, the U.S. editor for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, criticized Trump in a fiery column Thursday, arguing that an apparent resurgence of anti-Semitism on the political right in the United States “will be disconcerting for many Israeli Jews, reminding them that support for Israel and animosity towards Jews are not mutually exclusive.”

    Mandel, the conservative writer, tweeted about anti-Semitism among Trump’s supporters on the night he won the South Carolina primary in February, and she found herself deluged by hundreds of anti-Semitic tweets directed at her own account, she said. “Get back in the oven; the only good Jew is a dead Jew — it’s all Holocaust imagery,” Mandel said.

    Since then, she has blocked tweets from a constant stream of people, some of whom seem to have researched her personal life, she said. The count as of Thursday: She has blocked 928 accounts.”



    A number of black freshmen at the University of Pennsylvania were added to a social media account that included racial slurs and a “daily lynching” calendar.

    Some students shared screen shots of pages from the Group Me, which included a photo of people hanging from a tree. A law student posted on Facebook, “I spent my morning running to the Vice Provost office of my university in the middle of class because my freshmen brothers and sisters got added to a group called “[slur] Lynching.” …. I stared an administrator in the eye and literally lost it. And quite honestly I just can’t stop crying. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t feel safe.”

    “Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley praised the efforts of those who have served in the military during the annual Veterans Day ceremony Friday at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.

    And then Curley, who was not listed on the event’s program as one of the planned speakers, turned his sights to the recent election.

    “When we look at the protests going on in the streets of out cities today, because of a process that you fought for and you protected, they can go to hell too. Because we’re not going to tolerate it!” he said to an ovation.”



    “Trump’s win in the presidential race was similarly cheered by Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer website which both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have labeled as neo-Nazi.

    “Our Glorious Leader has ascended to God Emperor. Make no mistake about it: we did this. If it were not for us, it wouldn’t have been possible,” Anglin wrote on the site. “The battle is far from over. Much, much, much work to be done. But the White race is back in the game. And if we’re playing, no one can beat us. The winning is not going to stop.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    And I do so love the Orwellian history told by so many on the right that all was so well after the socialist, communist, Nigerian, radical, black man was elected.

    Want a good laugh? Let’s hear from the president elect as to how he wanted to things to go after Obama’s election:

    “Donald Trump made some of the most controversial comments of the night, calling the election a “total sham and a travesty” on Twitter.

    “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty,” he wrote. “Let’s fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us.”

    He deleted others that called for “revolution,”

    So, our current “president” said that Obama’s election must be stopped by a FUCKING REVOLUTION AND A MARCH ON WASHINGTON.


  17. Anonymous says:

    Course, the “president elect” was only one of the many “compassionate conservatives” whose voices have somehow been re-written by history to wipe out their reaction after the first black president (or half-black as some posters here call him) was elected:

    “In Madison County, Idaho, a firmly Republican state, the schools superintendent was obliged to remind teachers and bus drivers that pupils must show proper respect for elected officials, after parents complained that children on one school bus were chanting, “Assassinate Obama!”

    “In some places, tensions over race appear to be a factor. In North Carolina, a southern state Mr Obama won on election day, the Statesville Record newspaper had to apologise after running a leader column which asked: “What’s more scary, a bleak economy or a black president?”

    “Conservative displeasure at the president elect is not confined to Georgia. A Roman Catholic priest in South Carolina told his parishioners not to seek Holy Communion if they voted for Mr Obama, because supporting him “constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil”

    “With emotions running high, Republican Congressman Paul Brown denounced Mr Obama as a Marxist, and compared his plans for a national service corps – to help out in natural disasters – to the formation of the Nazi brownshirts.”


  18. Athos says:

    Could the Dem’s have possibly run a more damaged candidate for Prez than HClinton? That’s why Pinocchio smoked her in ’08, and what possibly changed? 4 dead in Benghazi and flagrant disregard for the law with her email situation, and Clinton Foundation play for pay (gonna be fun seeing how many donations are refunded, eh?).

    Patrick and petey, you should have stuck with the Bern!

    Oh wait, HC cheated Bernie out of it, didn’t she?

    Such is life.

  19. Steve says:



  20. deleted says:

    Demonstrable haters? Mabe just crybabies.

    “Hippler expressed concern about what happened at the Royal Oak school and in Dewitt, where white students reportedly blocked entrances for non-white students. Other attacks and vandalism aimed against minorities have been reported across the country.”

    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  21. deleted says:

    Demonstrable haters?

    “The vitriol was not limited to those angry about Tuesday’s results. Across the country, women and minorities reported incidents of intimidation perpetrated by Trump supporters or those claiming to be, who under the cloak of anonymity seemed to see in the results a validation of their extremist views.

    Many of the incidents took place at schools and colleges.

    At Wake Forest University, some freshmen ran out of a dorm early Wednesday celebrating Trump’s victory and using slurs, including the n-word. University officials condemned the behavior, and said two suspects have been identified.

    On social media, students at the University of Pennsylvania shared screen shots of a text they received indicating they had been added to a racist Group Me account that included a “daily lynching” calendar. A law student posted on Facebook, “I just can’t stop crying. I feel sick to my stomach. I don’t feel safe.”

    University officials are investigating in hopes of cutting off the offending account.

    Leaders at Babson College in Massachusetts apologized for two male students who had driven a pickup truck around neighboring all-female Wellesley College, flying a Trump flag and shouting “highly offensive” remarks Wednesday.

    And at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, someone wrote “Trump!” on the door of a room reserved for Muslim prayer.

    Elementary, middle and high school classrooms and cafeterias also became backdrops for the nation’s divisions.

    In Newtown, Pa., swastikas and anti-gay epithets were scrawled on bathroom walls, and a Latina student found a note stuffed into her backpack, warning her to go back to Mexico. Middle school students in Royal Oak, Mich., erupted in “Build the wall!” chants during their lunch period, echoing a Trump rallying cry.

    And on Wednesday, two white high school students in York County, Pa., were videotaped holding a Trump sign and parading through the halls as someone yelled “white power.”


  22. Rincon says:

    Although I agree that the present demonstrations are premature, they send a potent message to our new President that riding roughshod over large groups of people will have consequences.

  23. Obama never got that message.

  24. Steve says:

    It most certainly does get better, here’s some real food for thought.
    Against this backdrop, President is only one office.
    Moreover, it takes 2/3rds of the states to declare a constitutional convention and guess what? We are only one legislature away from the possibility.

  25. Athos says:

    Like passing comprehensive healthcare reform?

  26. Barbara says:

    It has largely been Republican state legislators that have stymied an Article V convention to propose constitutional amendments. So far, 8 States have passed resolutions. Nevada’s applications did not make it out of a Republican controlled senate committee. Ditto for Texas and Arizona. (Of course, Republicans in Nevada tend not to be constitutional conservatives or we wouldn’t have passed the gross receipts tax as well as the expansion of Medicaid)

    The Republican brand has pretty much stopped being the constitutional party. Now that they control Congress and the Presidency, it will be pretty hard to fake conservative governance. McConnell has already said he will not bring to the floor an amendment limiting terms for Congress.

    This election was not so much a mandate for Trump and the Republicans. Trump received less votes than did Romney. This election was a repudiation of the Obama administration’s transformation of America. Trump won because millions of Democrats did not turn out t give Obama a third term.

  27. Steve says:

    Barbara, I disagree. It was not a repudiation of Obama, he is term limited out.
    It was a repudiation of almost 50% of the electorate publicly being called “deplorable” just like Romney was turned away for insulting 42% of the electorate even though that was supposedly private.
    Both candidates insulted huge portions of the people they needed to court. Both have paid the price.

    As for the Constitutional Convention, my point is that state legislatures are more conservative today than they have been for decades, almost to the point a constitutional convention becomes a possibility.
    This movement is the “grass roots” movement Democrats are ignoring in their hunt for control of the District Of Columbia.
    My secondary point is that control is fading fast out in flyover land.

  28. Barbara says:

    In 2008 Obama received 69,498,516 votes and both the House and Senate. In 2010 he lost the House. In 2012 Obama received 65,915,795 and lost the Senate and the House remain in Republican hands. 2012 also saw substantial Republican gains in governorships and state legislatures.

    In 2016 Democrats continued to lose governorships and state legislatures. They not only lost the Presidency, but failed to regain either the House or the Senate.

    Americans have soundly rejected the direction the Democratic Party has taken the country. The working class used to be the base of the Democratic party. No longer. Obama and his movement to the hard left has clearly decimated the Democratic party nationwide (at least outside Nevada and other hard blue states).

    McCain got 59,948,323
    Romney 60,933,504
    Trump 60,071,650

    There was not a huge swelling of “deplorables”, but a collapse in the Democratic vote. Had the Republicans fielded a better candidate, we would have seen a larger Republican victory in the popular vote.

  29. Barbara says:

    My point is that the Republicans need to stop trying to out Democratic the Democratics. They have been given one last opportunity to make the conservative case to the American public. If they do, the Reagan Democratics will come home. So far, these people have not been given a reason to vote Republican. Conservatives, like myself, voted against Hillary by voting for Trump. He has the opportunity to be a very popular President, but he will have to fight his own party as well as the Democrats.

  30. Steve says:

    The popular vote was a loss for the Republican presidential candidate. Perhaps we would have seen a win there if the Republican candidate had been other than the one we have now, but we will never know.
    We do know her remarks hurt her. Even she has (very quietly) admitted to it.
    Sadly, she is trying to do the blame game thing again. Even though her political career is over.

  31. Barbara says:

    Hillary was the most flawed candidate the Democratics have every run. She perfectly reflected the values of the modern Democratic party. However, as I demonstrated above, the Democratics were losing votes in 2010, 2012, and 2016 even when Hillary was not on the ballot.

  32. Barbara says:

    The difference in the Democratic national vote between 2008 to 2016 is almost 10 million. Where have these voters gone? Not to the Republicans. The Republican national vote is virtually unchanged between 2008 and 2016.

  33. Steve says:

    This time a bit more than half of those numbers went to third party candidates, with 3/4 of that going Libertarian.

    The map I linked shows what you and I are saying, Barbara.

    This country is moving to the right. Maybe not fast enough for you, but it is moving.

  34. Steve says:

    These are all true.
    Remember what happened when Reagan took over? Iran hostages…..released?
    This reminds me of those days.


  35. Barbara says:

    I agree that the American people have turn against the left. I think it is more conservative on many issues, particularly economic issues. Where we seem to disagree is that the Republican party is still a conservative party of limited government at the national level. These missing 10 million voters are looking for a moderate to right voice, and they are not finding it in the Republicans. The Republicans made too many promises in 2010 and 2012 that were not kept. They let Obama operate as an imperial President, and the people are not seeing any reason to support them nationally. If they do not secure the border, repeal and replace the ACA, reform the tax code, get the economy growing, drop amnesty, they will be done as a nationally party. The Democratics will continue their plan to grow their party through immigration and if allowed, will soon be unbeatable in both the popular vote and electoral vote.

  36. Steve says:

    The voters aren’t missing, we went third party and Trump.
    4 million of us found that moderate right voice in the Johnson/Weld ticket, even though we knew there wasn’t a chance it would win, we voted our principles. I recall you decided to vote Trump even though he didn’t meet your beliefs.

    At least you voted for change, in Trump, you may be as disappointed as many were with Obama. But I am seeing easy comparisons to Reagan.

  37. Barbara says:

    I see the same disaffected populace. People were fed up with Jimmy Carter’s policies just as they are with Obama’s policies today. Government control always results in low growth and a loss of individual freedom.

    What is different is that Reagan never had a Republican Senate and House.. Trump and the Republicans have the ability to enact legislation that can return the country to a constitutional republic. I hope they realize the opportunity and will keep the promises they have made.

  38. Steve says:

    Balance of power. That has been on my mind of late as well.
    It seems we like gridlock.

    Democrats hold the advantage on this 11-3 since 1945.
    Here is a nice chart showing what it has been since 1901.
    Taking in to account human responses to power and greed, This time will be 4 and the odds are not in our favor.
    A little humility would go a long way.


  39. Bill says:

    In my opinion, one of the several reasons for the Trump victory is a shift in political ideology in the U.S. There seems to be general consensus that many voters had no faith in either the Rs or the Ds. In essence, “a pox on both houses”. On the left or Progressive side, Hillary was the torch bearer for the D’s where the essential progressive liberal banner is housed. Her primary opponent was Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, who basically espoused Populism. The Republicans who nominally claim the conservative banner produced 16 candidates all vying for the honor of being the Republican Candidate. We also had the 3rd party candidates whose only role was as dissident voices (a pox on all houses) and potentially poisonous siphoners from one side or the other. Among the 16 R’s only one emerged. Donald Trump. He has never been a conservative and doubtfully never will. It is not in his DNA. Did he run on a “conservative” platform? Hardly. Yes,he paid lip service to certain values of the right, such as right to life and lower taxes, but still, at least in my opinion, he essentially ran as a populist.

    What will the future bring? I don’t know but I find it hard to believe that we are making a hard turn to the right. I might wish it so but if wishes were horses (to repeat an old saw) then beggars would ride.

  40. Steve says:

    Before blaming the 5,000,000 people who voted principle over coercion, think about the 100,000,000 Americans who didn’t vote all.

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