Rhetoric flies in every direction in the morning newspaper, but mostly in Trump’s face

The motto at Fox News is: Fair and balanced.

The motto of the newsprint melange delivered to your driveway two days before Election 2016 could be: Unhinged in every direction.

Here are a few clips from today’s newspaper.

Wayne Allyn Root:

The truth is we either send a strong message heard around the world and elect Trump, or the America we know and love is gone. Forever.

Because if Trump doesn’t win, no other Republican will ever be elected president again. President Hillary Clinton will make sure of that. Hillary will open the borders like never before to let in millions of illegal aliens who have no love for anything that made America great.

Charles Krauthammer:

At a time of such tectonic instability, even the most experienced head of state requires wisdom and delicacy to maintain equilibrium. Trump has neither. His joining of supreme ignorance to supreme arrogance, combined with a pathological sensitivity to any perceived slight, is an invitation to calamitous miscalculation.

Steve Sebelius:

Trump is less a political revolutionary than a marketing genius, a reality show ringmaster who knows how to capture the attention and imagination of the American people. There’s a reason he cannot articulate how he intends to accomplish even the most basic of his promises — they are meant for entertainment purposes only. …

Trump is uninterested in governing as much as basking in the glow of adoration.

Brian Greenspan:

Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified to be president. …

Here’s a guy who says he’s a great businessman. But it seems like a lot of his business is built around stiffing small businesses and workers out of what he owes them — work they’ve done. He thinks it’s cute, or smart, or funny to basically not pay somebody who’s done work for him and say, go ahead and sue me because I got more money than you, and you can’t do anything about it. It’s not fair.

Here’s somebody who, for decades, has refused to release any tax returns. And now maybe it’s because he’s not as rich as he says is, but he has admitted he does not pay federal income taxes for years. Not a dime. So he’s not helping to support our troops or our veterans. He’s not helping to build roads or build schools or help young people finance a college education because he’s not putting anything in. He’s taken a lot out but hasn’t put anything in.

Kathleen Parker does offer calming advice:

As Nov. 9 dawns, Americans are sure to be mad as hell. Those happy with the victor will be re-angry soon enough when they realize they won’t be getting what they were promised. This is the good news. Thanks to the brilliance of our tripartite government, nobody gets to be dictator. And despite what nearly everyone seems to believe, our “broken government” works pretty well most of the time.

Somehow, the one “major” daily newspaper to endorse Trump seems to deliver more anti- than pro-Trump messages.


2 comments on “Rhetoric flies in every direction in the morning newspaper, but mostly in Trump’s face

  1. Reziac says:

    A little something for people who think this whole presidential run was a lark for Trump:

  2. Steve says:

    World markets are flying in Trumps face today.

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