Thou shalt not offend even offenders

An alert reader points out that PC has reached a new high — or low, depending on one’s perspective.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has sent a memo stating that the word “offender” is offensive and should not be used in reference to an inmate, a word that was abandoned several years ago in favor of offender. No reason given.

The memo told staff to “replace it with ‘individuals’ or other applicable terms such as ‘student’ or ‘patient’ where/when appropriate.”
The memo adds, “This is an opportunity to help others define themselves not for their criminal behavior, but for their future role in their communities.”
If one identifies as innocent, mustn’t the government treat one as innocent?

5 comments on “Thou shalt not offend even offenders

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    It’s been around 50 years or so since prisons became correctional facilities, guards became corrections officers and prisoners became inmates. The do-gooder politically correct innovaters never stop, next correctional officers and the placed individuals will be called fellow occupants of the home away from home. The “hole” will be called the contemplative room, etc.

  2. Rincon says:

    Political correctness is the chief reason that many otherwise sane individuals vote for Conservatives, to the point where even Trump is a viable candidate. Liberals are extremely soft headed on these issues.

    I can’t remember if I mentioned that in covering the Black lives matter, the media is missing a far greater supposed injustice. The assumption that police discriminate against African Americans is based in their overrepresentation among those killed by police in comparison to their numbers in the general population. Why then don’t these people use the same logic to conclude that the real discrimination here is among MEN, since 22 times as many men are killed by police as women? Seems to me that in order to be consistent, Liberals and our media need to support a Men’s Lives Matter movement. Such an organization would have tens of millions of supporters, especially if they served beer at their rallies.

  3. Steve says:

    That is a strong point, the Guardian has the numbers to back it up too.
    I lost FB friends over that very argument, Rincon.

  4. Bill says:

    It just supports my long standing contention that the inmates now have the keys to the asylum. Maybe when legal pot comes to Nevada if we all toke up things will appear rosier.

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