Will any of the Bundys be released on bail pending their February trial?

Now that two of Cliven Bundy’s sons are returning to Nevada after being acquitted of conspiracy charges in Oregon over their armed takeover of a wildlife refugee will any of the Bundys or their co-defendants in the armed standoff with BLM agents at their Bunkerville ranch in 2014 be released pending their trial, which is not scheduled until February?

Jurors did not deem Ammon and Ryan Bundy a serious enough threat to be locked up.

According to ABC news, the Multnomah County Jail roster shows the brothers left the jail this morning and are being flown to Las Vegas to face charges.

Cliven Bundy and four of his sons and several co-defendants, depending on how many have pleaded guilty by now,   face charges that include obstruction of justice, conspiracy, extortion, assault and impeding federal officers.

An attorney for Ammon Bundy has said he will seek his release.

Previously Nevada prosecutors have said of Cliven Bundy in arguing against his release:

“Bundy is lawless and violent. He does not recognize federal courts — claiming they are illegitimate — does not recognize federal law, refuses to obey federal court orders, has already used force and violence against federal law enforcement officers while they were enforcing federal court orders, nearly causing catastrophic loss of life or injury to others. In fact, all the evidence suggests that Bundy will continue to act lawlessly, will not abide by court orders, and will use violence to ensure that federal laws are not enforced as to him.”

Bundy’s attorney countered:

“The government is trying Cliven Bundy in these motions, rather than before a jury of his peers. The government is holding Mr. Bundy in solitary confinement, a man who has never hurt a fly. The government seems to be afraid that it might lose in a jury trial, so it wants to keep him in prison, in solitary confinement, as long as it can, because he, like Nelson Mandela, is a political prisoner. … There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution allowing the federal government to hold political prisoners without a trial. Nothing.”

We shall see who will prevail and how much weight the acquittal in Oregon will carry.

Ryan and Ammon Bundy acquitted in Oregon case. (AP photo via R-J)

Ryan and Ammon Bundy acquitted in Oregon case. (AP photo via R-J)



2 comments on “Will any of the Bundys be released on bail pending their February trial?

  1. deleted says:

    The issue is whether Bundy will show up for trial, along with a second issue of whether he is a danger to others if he is released.

    Bundy doesn’t recognize the authority of the federal government, and has threatened others (heck, retarded Ammon who coincidentally shares the name of the camp Kommandant from “Schindlers List” just said that he wants to kill members of the government) and the a Bundys have vividly exhibited their intention to thwart any exertion of federal authority over them.

    The prosecutors false step on a Oregon is irrelevant.

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