What if the public tax money were building something other than a stadium?

Imagine an alternative universe in which today’s banner newspaper story reads something like this:

CARSON CITY — The Nevada state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill raising the hotel room taxes in Nye County to fund a 65-bed brothel to spur economic activity in the county and create jobs.

Next the Assembly will take up the measure.

Proponents say the $1 million construction project will create temporary construction jobs and then create permanent part-time jobs for the brothel employees, as well as ancillary jobs in linen and limo services.

Backers said it matters not that the state budget is already reeling from a $400 million shortfall due to underperforming taxes because of overly optimistic projections. They say the bonds to build the brothel will be repaid by the room tax, even though it could have been used to build schools, roads, parks or libraries.

What’s good for the brothel industry is good for the state, industry leaders assured the lawmakers. They also told lawmakers to ignore the fact that every other such publicly financed project in the country has failed to live up to projections.


33 comments on “What if the public tax money were building something other than a stadium?

  1. Barbara says:

    I would think such a project would have a better chance of living up to projects than the stadium.

  2. Connie Foust says:

    I would rather support the ladies than Adelson thank you.

  3. John Smith says:

    Really strong. Was up there yesterday. Pathetic.

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Connie Foust says:

    Adelson donated to campaigns and bought the votes. The only ones against were Democrats. It is a joke and not very funny at that.

  5. Steve says:

    Not so Connie, opposition votes in the Senate were about equally divided between Democrat and Republican.

  6. Connie Foust says:

    I stand corrected, I am just aware of three Republicans that got major donations from Adelson.

  7. Steve says:

    Oh yeah, the juice is flowing freely for sure.
    Just wanted people to know this is one thing that is as bipartisan as it gets in Nevada.

    Our powerbrokers are looking at hotel receipts being fueled by tax money. Our money hungry politicians are being shown dollar signs unlike any they have seen to date and all we can hope for is Las Vegas tourist destination changes the equation, in our favor, compared with what we see in literally every other publicly funded stadium.

    Hopefully this doesn’t become another Glendale fiasco.

  8. Steve says:


    Las Vegas Raiders? Not so fast, Oakland says

    By Matier & Ross
    October 12, 2016 Updated: October 12, 2016 6:00am


  9. nyp says:

    Today’s Second Amendment Moment: two police officers responding to a domestic disturbance are in critical condition after being shot by a man who had exercised his Second Amendment rights to own an assault rifle.

  10. Connie Foust says:

    So what has happened after the last special session to approve tax dollars for Faraday Futures. I was in Carson City for that fiasco. They voted on an imaginary car that did not even have a prototype. This of course was pushed by the unions and the governor. Tom this on needs research. I don’t believe they have turned a shovel of dirt and that was nearly a year ago.

  11. robertleebeers says:

    One of the factors in this issue is one even the RJ never was comfortable dealing with, especially if it meant upsetting a casino owner, the legality of the action. Just like Steve Wynn stealing tips from his dealers and bribing a District Court Judge (Moen) to make it appear legal, so is using tax monies (including room tax) illegal to benefit a private individual. However, no mention of this anywhere.

  12. Right you are. State Constitution: “ The State shall not donate or loan money, or its credit, subscribe to or be, interested in the Stock of any company, association, or corporation, except corporations formed for educational or charitable purposes.”

  13. Connie Foust says:

    Very interesting and depressing video, thanks for posting, food for thought.

  14. robertleebeers says:

    The primary issue would still exist, the violation of the state constitution. Unless those hookers are now a charity.

  15. Hookers are more educational than football players.

  16. Bill says:

    If in fact it is unconstitutional, who will mount a court challenge once the deed is done? I like the analogy. Hookers and football players. Both have limited market life.

  17. deleted says:

    Let take a side bet on whether Nevada’s “own” bastard mounts. Constitutional challenge “for the people”

    I’ll bet the doesn’t.

  18. The AG represents the state. He would have to defend it.

  19. Steve says:

    Masto and Sandoval decided not to defend the states law against gay marriage.
    But State Attorny’s General can’t bring a suit against their own state.

  20. Steve says:


    dropped that fat finger!

  21. Bill says:

    To “Deleted”. You must be a person filled with anger and rage to engage in such disgusting name calling directed towards the AG. I really won’t engage in a discussion with you but will leave you with the words of Joseph Welch, “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

  22. deleted says:


    Are you suggesting that Nevada’s Attorney General is NOT a bastard?

    I mean, in the most correct usage of the word, he is a bastard. You know that right? You realize that he is a Laxalt only in the sense that he took not his real fathers name, but rather a different name and all for good reasons I assume.

    He is a bastard.

  23. deleted says:

    And is there truly no depth to which “conservatives” will sink on their efforts to try and subvert this country? Is this REALLY the way to appeal to “conservative” voters today so filled with hate toward this and future governments, that they will, in advance of any candidate being named, come out and tell those people that they will be derelict in their Constitutional obligations, so as to be elected?

    These people are truly dispicable.


  24. Steve says:

    Erin Bilbray-Kohn…..


    Patrick suggests Nevada’s AG sue the governor for signing the bill into law.

    good luck with that, shammy.

  25. deleted says:

    Steve, you are a fuking idiot.

  26. Steve says:

    You enjoy being full of your your own bullshit, shammy.

    Because, after all, it’s all you are.

  27. Steve says:

    OH, and nyp;
    Just like I said would happen, Trump is flaming out in his best Perot fashion.
    So much so that Clinton’s internal polling is telling her to enter traditionally red states like Arizona.
    Remember I said it would happen much like this way back in June when Trump was goaded into running by Bill Clinton.
    But the Clinton’s couldn’t have hoped for a better result than the one they now have. Namely, Trump is taking most of the Republican party down with him.
    Congrats Bill and Hil, not only have you taken the election, you have taken the country down the same hoile you helped Trump dig for the Republicans.
    I hope you (Hillary) can find a way to drag everyone out when you (Bill and Hillary) find out just how divisive you (the continuing dynasty) have made things with these tactics.

  28. deleted says:

    So Bill (and Thomas if you care to address) how, other than through the misrepresentation of his father, was the bastard qualified to be Nevada’s attorney general?

    “A Republican candidate for attorney general in Nevada was described in a performance evaulation by his law firm as a “train wreck” who “doesn’t even have the basic skill set.”

    Republican Adam Laxalt received the blistering assessment from the Lewis & Roca Associate Evaluation and Compensation Committee, as first published by journalist Jon Ralston.

    The assessment said that Laxalt should go to seminars to help “address basic legal principles” as he had “judgement issues and doesn’t seem to understand what to do.” The committee recommended freezing Laxalt’s salary “deferral, and possible termination.”

    Ralston notes that after that assessment he was made “of counsel” at the firm, a position which exempted him from being evaluated. He joined the firm in 2011 and left it in 2014 to run for attorney general. Laxalt was also known in the firm for linking to “political articles” on the firm’s website.”


    His performance since being elected, by the narrowest of margins in a state where the misappropriated name clearly won him the election, has been consistent at least with his performance at Lewis and Rocha. Tragic for the state. What a clown he is.

  29. Steve says:

    NRS 228.010  Qualifications.  No person shall be eligible to the Office of Attorney General unless the person:

    1.  Has attained the age of 25 years at the time of such election; and

    2.  Is a qualified elector and has been a citizen resident of this State for 2 years next preceding the election.

    [Part 2:108:1866; A 1953, 711; 1955, 459]

  30. Steve says:

    Apparently, even shammy qualifies to be AG.

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