Heck joins call for Trump to exit race for president

Donald Trump Friday. (AP photo via WSJ)

Donald Trump Friday. (AP photo via WSJ)

Friday afternoon, Republican Senate candidate Joe Heck’s campaign sent out an email strongly condemning the misogynistic language used by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that was caught on tape 11 years ago. (Here is a link to the tape, but the language is too foul to post.)

Today, Heck joined others in the party calling for Trump to step aside as a candidate and said he will no longer support him or vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I believe our only option is to formally ask Mr. Trump to step down and allow Republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership so desperately needed and one that Americans deserve,” his campaign email quoted him as saying.

But Trump, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, said he will not quit.

WSJ reports former GOP presidential contender Carly Fiorina has called on Trump to quit the campaign, as have Sens. Mike Crapo of Idaho and Mike Lee of Utah. Others are withdrawing endorsements.

Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota today tweeted that Trump “should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately.”

Fox reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have chastised Trump for his lewd comments.

Even Pence slapped Trump. “As a husband and father, I was offended by the words and actions described by Donald Trump in the eleven-year-old video released yesterday,” he said in a statement. “I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them.”

The 70-year-old Trump apologized, but could not unring the bell.

After Heck criticized Trump’s taped language, his Democratic opponent, Catherine Cortez Masto, former state attorney general, was quoted by the AP as saying condemnations ring hollow if Heck is still voting for Trump.

The AP quoted Danny Tarkanian, who is running for Congress against Democrat Jacky Rosen, as saying, “As the father of three girls, I find these comments disgusting. No man should ever talk about women like that.”

Republican Rep. Cresent Hardy, seeking re-election to Congress, said “no woman should ever be treated or described this way. There is no place for this kind of rhetoric in our society.”

Here is the full comment from Heck today:

“I’ve spent much of my life serving in the military where I stood beside some of the bravest men and women this country has to offer — willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the freedoms upon which this country was founded. They live by a code of honor, of decency and of respect. 

“As a husband and a father, I strive to bring that same code of honor into my personal life.

“I believe any candidate for President of the United States should campaign with common ethical and moral values and decency. I accept that none of us are perfect. However, I can no longer look past this pattern of behavior and inappropriate comments from Donald Trump. Therefore, I cannot, in good conscience, continue to support him nor can I vote for Hillary Clinton.

“My wife, my daughters, my mother, my sister and all women deserve better. The American people deserve better.

“Our campaign will move forward, and continue to be based on the core principles of the Republican Party, the need for conservative leadership and the requirement that all people be treated with respect and dignity.

“My hope is that this will not divide us and that we can unite behind Republican principles. We deserve a candidate who can ask him or herself at the end of the day, ‘Did I live my life with honor and do I deserve to be elected president of the United States.’

“I believe our only option is to formally ask Mr. Trump to step down and allow Republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership so desperately needed and one that Americans deserve.

“Today, I stand here disappointed in our choices for president but more committed than ever to bringing that same code of honor, decency and respect to the United States Senate.”

The Republican Party never should have nominated this reprobate in the first place. His track record was well known. He is not now nor has he ever been a Republican.


27 comments on “Heck joins call for Trump to exit race for president

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    Heck just lost my vote!

    NONSENSE! The latest “uproar” about comments made by Donald Trump in a locker room years ago are nothing more than the “establishment” grasping at straws!
    I’ve spent a lot of time in locker rooms and worse, in Army barracks, The things he said are so light weight I can’t believe that he’s getting heat over them.

    BE ADVISED! The GOP establishment is in full panic mode. They will do everything possible to STOP TRUMP from winning the election up to and including supporting Clinton. They WILL lie, they WILL cheat, and they WILL sell their souls!

    These people are desperate and will pull every dirty trick in the book. Why? They have too much to lose.

    There are sure to be all sorts of negative news stories about Trump, after all it’s what the MSM does. They will continue on a daily basis and you will see many so called Republicans bad mouthing Mr. Trump.

    They cannot let him win, if he does, they lose!

    If you are a TRUMP supporter NOW is the time to be strong, don’t let the ruling klass discourage you.

    I stand behind DONALD TRUMP 100% because it is my unshakable belief that he will bring the corrupt and in many instances criminal politicians down!


  2. So you are going to vote for Cortez Masto?

  3. Reziac says:

    I don’t care about trash talk. Everyone does it at one time or another. Proud to be a Deplorable.

  4. dave72 says:

    Did BF actually write that post? It reads like my new favorite RJ columnist, W.R. Rootboy. It was wordy, fact-free and rather irrational. Rootboy is the news in-house example of fair and balanced. How many professional journalists announce in their columns when and where they’ll be addressing a candidate’s partisan political rally?

  5. Steve says:

    Gotta say it again, the Clinton’s picked their opponent. Much the same as Reid picked Angle as his opponent back when Cortez Masto scuttled Brian Kroliki’s campaign with that fake case.

    But Trump was a much easier mark for the Clinton’s, all Bill had to do was play to Trumps ego during that phone call way back in June. And Trump has delivered in spades for the Clintons.

    Like I said before, Trump is working for Clinton, he may not know it, but he is. And he continues making the biggest “contribution” to any campaign in the history of this country.

    Support for Trump is only ensuring Clinton takes the election in November.

    Vote third party. At least I know I actually like what I hear from the candidate I have chosen.

  6. Vernon Clayson says:

    This was in 1995, Bill Clinton was nailing every woman he could find whether they were willing or not, even in the Oval Office, Hillary was protecting him thus fully complicit. There’s innumerous stories about Hillary Clinton and her vulgar mouth, cursing at Bill and people she believes are beneath her royal perch. Why are these two reprobates near sainthood in the eyes of the news media? I hope Trump takes the gloves off in this debate,she’s no lay, certainly not the smiling grandmother she pretends to be, Trump was a playboy but so what, Bill Clinton was the playboy president, no man worthy of his salt can say he never said or heard this locker room BS. Jimmy Carter had lust in his heart and JFK and LBJ were womanizers, no president, before or after serving, was a monk. This election and all it entails for the future of the nation should not balance on sex talk, especially where the Clintons are concerned. Moslems treat women like chattel, they probably laugh at this sudden concern in our society.

  7. Stoner says:

    1) “Where is the God damn flag? I want the God damn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise”. Hillary to staff a…t the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244

    (2) “Fuck off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.” From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90

    (3) “If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags!” Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book “The First Partner” p. 25

    (4) “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?” Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139

    (5) “Where’s the miserable cock sucker?” (otherwise known as “Bill Clinton”) Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5

    (6) “You fucking idiot” Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84

    (7) “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those fucking sunglasses! We need to go back!†Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while in route to Air Force One. From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72

    (8) “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t fuck her here!!” Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243

  8. Both Clinton and Trump lack character. They are both despicable users and abusers.

  9. deleted says:

    Too funny.

    You gotta give the republican candidate for president credit though; he’s distracted the American public from their focus on his cheating the country of the taxes he should have been paying, and his businesses ineptitude for another week.

    Oh and, what a bunch of clowns the downticketers are. Mealy mouthed worms one and all.

  10. Steve says:

    Trump has great apologies. The best apologies. They’re always bigly impressive!

    Patrick is mealy mouthed in comparison!

  11. Nyp says:

    Great set of comments.
    So, Mr. Mitchell, to what extent is the conservative movement responsible, first for Sarah Palin, and now for Donald Trump?

  12. Steve says:

    To the same extent the liberal establishment is responsible for the Clintons and the Reids.

    In fact “both” “parties” are singularly responsible for making more and more people look for something else.
    The “two” (one) are the spoiler.

  13. Nyp says:

    Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton & Harry Reid haven’t destroyed their party

  14. Steve says:

    The Republican party, as Tom pointed out, has never included Trump as a member.

    And Palin was token.

    On the other hand, Reid made Angle the Republican fall guy.

    I say, “both parties” are destroying themselves as they try to become one and the same while trying to appear “different”.
    As evidenced by all the Republicans now supporting Clinton. It’s the national version of “Republicans for Reid”. History is repeating itself and you guys have the standard bearer for mediocrity.

  15. Let’s not forget about another good ole democrat – LBJ…and his penchant for talking about and displaying “jumbo.” And while we’re at it…how’s about Jack Kennedy and his romps in the White House pool with two women while Jackie was away? Trump’s comments were disgusting and indefensible…but he was a private citizen. Hillary looked the other way while four brave men died a horrible death in Libya…and nary a peep from the media leg humping lapdogs.

  16. Her comments were not only disgraceful…they were lies!

  17. iShrug says:

    Voting for Trump. Voting party line down the ticket. The left is doing what they always do, and Republicans are so predictable. Shame on Joe Heck and the rest, beating their chests at election time. They’re trying to pass off political posturing as taking the moral high ground.

  18. And as for all of this talk about withdrawing…that horse has already left the barn. Thanks to early voting and absentee balloting, hundreds of thousands of votes have already been cast. That includes over a hundred thousand military absentee ballots. There’s no way to change the ticket and then seek approval in all fifty states by Nov. 8…period. So after all this gnashing of teeth and sackcloth and ashes subsides…we’re still where we were. Also, there is no way the Clinton Camp would allow a change of ticket without a monumental law suit. So can we talk about Hillary’s hacked Wall Street emails for a bit?

  19. Steve says:

    “That includes over a hundred thousand military absentee ballots.”


  20. Barbara says:

    It is indeed as sorry state of affairs that our Presidential election process has resulted in the candidacies of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Johnson.

    There is much finger pointing go on over the candidacy of Donald Trump in particular. However, none of the three candidates are qualified to be President. All are without merit, but all are reflective American people.

    The Northwest Ordinance passed in 1787, Article III, states:

    “Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, …”

    The United States as a body polity has dispossessed herself of these essential qualities. Alexis de Tocqueville believed that Americans were able to avoid the pitfalls of democracy because of their religion.

    Our schools long ago ceased being institutions of learning. It became unimportant to study our heritage or to know the universal truths which have their basis in natural law. American students, and even their teachers, are unaware of the unique heritage of the founding of their country.

    When a country ceases to be good, it deserves the candidacies of the likes of Trump (a reprobate) Hillary (a Marxist who has repeatedly violated US law) and Johnson (as far as I can tell – is just a plain idiot.)

    When as a nation we forego religion, morality, and knowledge we have no right to expect anything better.

  21. Robert Candee a 87 year resident of Fallon, Nv. says:

    Thanks for the update on Joe Heck I,ll still vote for him only because there is no one else to opose the democrat with a chance of getting elected. Because of Joe’s no longer suporting Trump, I’m sending Trump another $100.00

  22. Steve says:

    …”Johnson (as far as I can tell – is just a plain idiot.) ”

    Based on what the TV and major newspapers will let you see? if so, I can understand your reticence.
    However, both Johnson and Weld were two term Republican governors in traditionally Democrat strongholds. Both managed to leave their states in better shape than they found them and were very popular among even registered independent voters.
    Neither Clinton nor Trump can say as much. At least some of Trumps employees seem to like him. And he has sent his own jet to rescue some 200 US soldiers in years past.
    We know how Clinton treats her staff.
    But Johnson and Weld were well liked in their states.

    It is abundantly clear what drives your opinon of Clinton and Trump, but I remain unsure on what you base your opinion of Johnson.

  23. Nyp says:

    Hillary’s staff happens to love her. They are famous for their loyalty.

  24. Steve says:

    Funny, nyp.

    You musta missed “stoners” post just a few prior to this.

    Clinton’s a real arrogant, crude “female k-9”


  25. Words of wisdom by Thomas Sowell…in a difficult, confusing and volatile election cycle:


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