Court leaves in place ruling blocking immigration executive orders

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to rehear the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision over turning Obama’s executive fiats granting de facto permanent residency to about 5 million illegal immigrants.

After Justice Antonin Scalia died earlier this year, the court split 4-4 in June on the case of U.S. vs. Texas, letting stand the lower court’s overturning of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents program (DAPA), which let the parents of children born in the U.S. remain, and an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which lets illegals brought to this country as children remain legally.

But of course it is a decision written in smoke, since the administration will do nothing about deporting a single one of those millions.

Nevada was one of the states that joined Texas in fighting the immigration executive orders that ignored Congress’ refusal to act on similar proposals.

In his press release announcing the Nevada’s joining the list of plaintiffs, Attorney General Adam Laxalt stated: “Our immigration system is broken and clearly needs to be fixed. But just as clearly, the solution is not for the president to act unilaterally disregarding the U.S. Constitution and laws. The solution must be a permanent, legal result that includes, not ignores, the other branches of government and their constitutional roles. Anything less is a false hope undermining the rule of law that injures millions of people in America, including many in Nevada.”

10 comments on “Court leaves in place ruling blocking immigration executive orders

  1. deleted says:

    Will someone please remind me again which part of the Constitution gives states the right to make immigration policy for the country?

    So, effectively, Nevada’s own bastard, rather than doing the work of the state, has again wasted taxpayer money doing something he isn’t even charged with doing.

    Just get rid of this guy he’s only got higher office in mind so let him spend his own money (and maybe he could use his REAL NAME while he does it) pursuing his selfish interests.

    The clown.

  2. Well there’s one progressive with his hair on fire…must have been a good ruling!

  3. Steve says:

    Patrick resorts to name calling right off the bat, again. His head must have exploded!


  4. deleted says:


    So, what was your take on the evidence I posted that it’s the vast majority of wealthy families taking advantage of the program designed to destroy public education?

    Or don’t you care?

  5. Steve says:

    Then we get the change of subject ploy!

    Yup! Head exploded for sure!

    It is to laugh

  6. Rincon says:

    “The solution must be a permanent, legal result that includes, not ignores, the other branches of government and their constitutional roles.” I agree, but also lament that it probably won’t be happening in our lifetimes.

  7. He who must not be named…your so-called evidence is specious and premature at best. And the so called ALEC conspiracy theory is just laughable. The Reno Gazette article contradicts itself…it first cites that only 7 percent of applicants come from zip codes reporting lower incomes, yet the State Education Department quote in the same article states that 20 percent of applicants identify as low income. And may I remind you…the program hasn’t even started yet, so all of this is just conjecture with the expected progressive spin of the Democrats, the media that largely supports and agrees with them, and leftist organizations like the ACLU. So frankly…your “evidence” is predictable and unimpressive. And again I repeat…it is actually WE who support educational choice, that are really concerned with the well being and competent education of ALL of Nevada’s students. The ESA’s will actually help the public schools…lowering class sizes and allocating more money per pupil. All of this hand wringing and gnashing of teeth by the progressive socialist left…is because they will no longer have total control in their indoctrination of our young skulls full of mush, and that’s a good thing!

  8. deleted says:


    The evidence from Nevada showed who has applied so far. The evidence is not specious or premature. It is merely the fact. And the facts show that the VAST majority of the applicants are, as I said, from wealthy families.

    The evidence from Arizona is even more illustrative of who will be taking advantage of Nevadas program if it is ever passed, and because it has been in place longer, it more fully evidences the fact that the VAST majority of people taking advantage of the program will be wealthy families.

    And, as Milton Friedman said to the “distinguished members” of ALEC, of course it’s not “politically feasible” to simply say “let’s get rid of public education today so all you wealthy people can stop paying for poor kids educations”, instead, as he said, we must disguise our intention and instead propagandize that what we really want is “choice”.

    Now, you’ve been presented with the facts, and nothing but the facts, that the group Scott Hammond went directly to, to get the statutory language that Nevada republicans passed, was ALEC, and their advisor told them how best to get rid of public education so that they could stop paying for poor children’s education, which legislation HAS resulted in the wealthiest people draining the public schools of funding, you once again get to show some integrity and say that you just don’t care about the facts.

    Or, you could care, and say that these guys are just wrong.

  9. Class warfare…a staple of the progressive socialist left, I stand by what I posted…and I stand by my conclusion that is the supporters of the ESA’s who really care for the welfare and education of the children of the Battle Born State. You all fall in line for choice…when it’s about a woman paying a doctor to dismember her own offspring, but when it comes to selecting a school…all bets are off! Seems just a wee bit hypocritical to me…

  10. […] and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents), but the courts let DACA stand and struck […]

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