Where have all the comments gone? Into the ether every one

The online version of the Las Vegas newspaper has its comments policy posted to spell out the do nots:

Users must follow these guidelines when posting a comment:
*     No potentially libelous statements or damaging innuendo.
*     No obscene, explicit, sexist, bigoted or racist language.
*     No copyrighted materials of any sort without the express permission of the copyright holder.
*     No personal attacks, insults or threats.
*     Don’t use another person’s real name to disguise your identity.
*     No comments unrelated to the story.
*     No spam.

They need to add one: No comments.

The feature has disappeared from the website without explanation.

Someone must have dissed the owner or his stadium proposal.


7 comments on “Where have all the comments gone? Into the ether every one

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    No comment rules thus no opinions allowed, soon no readership at all, I gave up subscriptions several years ago because nothing in the RJ or Sun was worth walking out to the driveway to pick it up, much less to pay for it. That huge RJ building will soon join the long abandoned Moulin Rouge site just down the street.

  2. Steve says:

    The comments were about the only thing that made reading the new SA RJ fun to read anymore.
    Guess the Adeleson’s are more interested in shutting down dissenters than they are in keeping alive a local news outlet.
    Hell, even the liberal gov spox opinions are clearer on his twitter feed than they are in the paper.

    Oh well, hopefully they keep the food critic and the travel reviews around for a while.

    Maybe BBM could create an online presence for Southern Nevada. The Rurals need to have their voices heard in the city.

  3. It appears that the new management of the RJ has relegated commenters to Facebook only. How ironic that the Sun has retained it’s comment section while the RJ has jettisoned theirs…

  4. SARJ (pronounced sarge) … I’m going to steal that one, Steve.

  5. Steve says:

    Must give a hat tip to “Joe Vegas” one of the regular commenters on the RJ.
    He came up with SA RJ
    He had several nic’s over the years. “Joe Homeboy” was the first incarnation I ran across. Lives in Henderson by all accounts.

    It is public domain now, use it to death!

  6. dbw86 says:

    This is the sneakiest action I have ever seen any newspaper take, and without any comment, warning or explanation! Actually is was a cowardly act and decision. We now have a newspaper in which only “approved” print may appear. The Owner hired a Eunuch to censor all news printed with the understanding that Eunuch’s own head will roll if the owner is displeased by what he reads in HIS newspaper.

    Yes, there were silly comments, others that were personal, and I may have been one of the offenders myself! But Freedom of Speech has always been one of the corner stones of our nation and its government. Freedom of Speech exposed the Nazi’s holocaust and has halted many human rights violations around our world especially since WWII. The RJ’s banning comments to its stories is a small action in the greater scale of our nation and world. But small things become large things if allowed to stand when they are as wrong as this decision of the RJ to ban comments entirely!

    Mr. Adelson are you aware of this action? If not then you should be and order it reversed! I prefer to believe that you, sir, are an honorable business man, who loves our nation. Yes, I know you are sensitive to negative comments regarding yourself. But most people are. The test of a persons true character is their willingness to stand up and be counted even when they know it will be unpopular. So Mr. Adelson are you a Man, A Patriot, An American OR like the Nazi’s who controlled all negative comments in the press and news????? I believe, especially after this Jewish Religious day that you will see the light and restore reader comments! Is my faith in you to be broken?

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