Some things just don’t seem to hold their value — such as induction into the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame

Some things just aren’t as significant as they used to be.

I’m sure there was a nice story and photo in the paper back around the turn of the century when Review-Journal Publisher Sherman Frederick was inducted in the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame. That was before electronic archives.

When longtime R-J investigative reporter A.D. Hopkins was inducted into the Hall in 2010 there was a nice writeup in the paper and I penned a column on the topic.

When R-J capital bureau chief Ed Vogel was inducted in 2012 there was a glowing account of his storied career. I mentioned Vogel’s Hall of Fame status in a blog once.

In 2014, the induction of Dave Sanford, whose family ran the Mason Valley News in Yerington for decades, and Brian Greenspun, editor and publisher of the Las Vegas Sun, warranted a sidebar in the paper.

But in 2015 when the late R-J political reporter Laura Myers was inducted the news was fully contained in the third paragraph of a story about the paper’s Nevada Newspaper Association awards. AP carried a short story. I defended Myers’ reputation in a blog earlier this year and remarked on her passing at the time.

On Sunday the paper reported the induction of former, 30-plus-years columnist John L. Smith. The news was contained in the third from last paragraph of an awards story: “John L. Smith, a longtime columnist for the Review-Journal, was inducted to the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame.”

Talk about deflation in value. I wonder why that is.

Smith doing commentary at KNPR

John L. Smith doing commentary at KNPR


Laura Myers

Laura Myers


Ed Vogel

Ed Vogel


A.D. Hopkins

A.D. Hopkins


Sherman Frederick

Sherman Frederick

3 comments on “Some things just don’t seem to hold their value — such as induction into the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame

  1. Randa Todd says:

    Thank God for you, Mitch, for sharing all these pictures. Their induction was important & shouldn’t be buried in a story.

  2. Steve says:

    Sherman looks happy!

    The RJ is stuck with huge losses, your tenure was holding it all together in the face of shrinking newspaper circulation nationwide. When they pushed everyone out, they only made the situation worse.
    Acknowledging you and the others only rubs the salt in their own wounds.

  3. Bill says:

    Newspapers are no longer peoples primary source of news. There aren’t many good newspapers or honest reporters left either. Ed Vogel, Cy Ryan and Geoff Dornan are three reporters that come to mind that I have respect for. Many of today’s reporters tend to be young and seem to lack the broad range of knowledge and experience that makes for a good reporter, Few do the necessary hard work that that is required to do a workmanlike job. I can’t tell you how many items that I have read in the news that lack a full description of who, what, why, where and when. Of course, that could be the editor’s fault., .

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