Democrats play politics with lives with their Zika funding lies

Dems will do whatever it takes to win back the Senate, no matter who they kill to do it.

The Wall Street Journal in an opinion piece posted this evening reports that Democrats are filibustering a billion-dollar bill funding ways to combat Zika, the mosquito-borne virus that causes birth defects, because, they say, the bill bans funding for Planned Parenthood.

But WSJ says the bill appropriates block grants “for health services provided by public health departments, hospitals, or reimbursed through public health plans.” It doesn’t ban funding for anyone.

The ulterior motive is an effort to help Floridan House Democrat Patrick Murphy in his campaign for the Senate seat held by Marco Rubio.

“We can’t keep putting ideology above the health and safety of Florida families,” Murphy was quoted as saying by the WSJ.

“You almost have to admire the political nerve. Mr. Rubio voted in favor of the bill to boost Zika funding. Mr. Murphy voted against it in the House, and Florida’s other Senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, joined the filibuster. As for ideology, Democrats are holding up everything else in the bill — from Zika vaccine development to mosquito eradication — over a phantom affront to the abortion lobby,” WSJ states. “Do the goddesses of Planned Parenthood now have to be cited, if not exalted, in every bill as a precondition for passage?”

Of course, Harry Reid was in the thick of it. Zika funding passed the Senate 89-8 in May. It then passed the House, but Reid, with the support of every Democrat, ambushed the conference report.

Rubio and Murphy (Orland Sentinel)

Rubio and Murphy (Orland Sentinel)


5 comments on “Democrats play politics with lives with their Zika funding lies

  1. nyp says:

    “The Republican-driven package was supposed to resolve the differences between a bipartisan Senate plan and a less Democrat-friendly House version. The bill would exclude Planned Parenthood from the list of providers that get new funding for contraception to combat spread of the virus, which can be sexually transmitted.”
    NYT, Sept. 6, 2016

  2. No it doesn’t — WSJ, Sept. 8

  3. Barbara says:

    From Daniel Horowitz writing in Conservative Review:

    “McConnell is preemptively undermining House conservatives by openly calling for Harry Reid’s plan of a continuing resolution (CR) that fully funds Obama’s agenda with no significant expression of American priorities, much less conservative ones.

    There are also late reports indicating that McConnell plans to capitulate and drop the prohibition on funding Planned Parenthood in the Zika bill, as suggested by Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. and Mark Kirk, R-Ill. earlier this week. This runs counter to the House bill passed earlier this year. It’s essentially a fight with Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats, and Obama on one side and House conservatives on another side. House leadership is pretending to fight for conservatives while allowing McConnell to orchestrate the sabotage for them.”

    – See more at:

    Tell me again why it’s crucial to keep the Senate in Republican control? I’m seeing very little difference in practice between the two parties. McConnell uses the Supreme Court as a red herring while he supports Obama’s policies and works to undermine conservatives.

  4. Steve says:

    Reports showing Zika spraying is killing honeybees.

    If true, isn’t that cutting our noses off to spite our faces?

  5. Are the Democrats playing politics with this issue? Of course they are…and it started at the top with our Community Organizer in Chief who diverted $500 million dollars from a federal account designated to assist in fighting international infectious diseases, and gave it by executive decree to help fund the UN’s Green Climate Fund. So all of this gnashing of teeth and wringing of Democrat hands is sophistry and bravo sierra at best!

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