New TV ad tries to smear Senate candidate with oil

What a non sequitur.

According to the Las Vegas newspaper, a group called the League of Conservation Voters plans to spend $860,000 on a TV ad attacking Rep. Joe Heck because his campaign to replace Harry Reid in the Senate is being backed by organizations associated with the oil barons Charles and David Koch.

The ad claims Heck’s alleged favoritism toward oil risks good Nevada clean energy jobs. Less than 1 percent of electricity in the country is produced with oil, so what’s the point?

Heck and Cortez Masto (AP photo)

Heck and Cortez Masto (AP photo)

Jobs? It is the League of Conservation Voters that is attacking jobs. According to its website, it pushes the Endangered Species Act, which kills jobs, opposed drilling anywhere, which kills jobs, and wants to shut down any activity that contributes to carbon production, which kills jobs.

Heck sent out a press release countering the claims in the ad.

“While Dr. Heck has been a strong supporter of solar jobs in Nevada, including legislation to streamline renewable energy development across the state, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is a DC-based partisan special interest that wants to put Nevadans out of work by stopping responsible mining, ranching, agriculture and recreation,” Heck spokesperson Brian Baluta said. “And, as Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto showed herself to be no friend of solar when she introduced a bill to exempt the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) from the open meeting law, allowing the PUC to raise rates behind closed doors. This bogus attack has nothing to do with clean energy and everything to do with installing Chuck Schumer as the next Senate Majority Leader.”

In fact, Heck has backed tax credits for wind and solar, which, frankly, drive up the cost of power and kills jobs, but no one is a purist in this fight.

On the League’s scorecard Heck’s voting record agreed with its stances only 8 percent of the time, compared to Reid’s 81 percent. There’s a contrast Heck should be proud of.

It’s going to get ugly, folks.




6 comments on “New TV ad tries to smear Senate candidate with oil

  1. Steve says:

    Already is ugly.

    Truthfully, some of the commercials against Masto are simply wrong.

    But she lost my vote before she entered the race….way back when she went after Krolicki under direction from Reid, so it really doesn’t hurt me to say those commercials are nothing more than non sticky mud.

  2. Bill says:

    Agree Steve. Some of the commercials against Masto are stretching without more substantiation but she lost me on the Krolicki debacle. There was never a case there and she was simply wrong and it was political. Her use of the office of AG, in my opinion, was wrong in that instance. In the case of the ads against Heck trying to align him with the bogeymen Koch, that is a wild stretch but in the handbook of political tricks fabrications and half truths work, particularly on low information voters.

  3. Harry is calling in all of his old markers…

  4. Steve says:

    Koch industries is huge. And privately held.

    Being private is what upsets the left. It’s impossible to climb up their butt’s looking for stuff to use against them. So much of what is claimed is really based on smoke and mirrors.
    The left even has problems that they support PBS.

    All because of an unreasonable desire to know everything about their inner workings.

    Kochs aren’t bad people they are simply private when compared with other (supposed “good”) billionaires.

    Every time I see any kind of attempted “tie up” with the Kochs, it actually makes me feel good about the candidate being “attacked”.

  5. Patrick says:

    NL (the company that manufactures lead which kills people, and their children, and their children, oh and it stops your car from knocking.) is privately owned.

    Citizens United allows them to send billions to legislators, in total darkness, so that they can kill people, with immunity” What a great thing eh?

    “Walker signed a measure in January 2011, before Simmons made his donations, that made lead paint manufacturers immune from lead-poisoning liability lawsuits going forward. The recalls took place later that year. And after Simmons’ last donation, the Wisconsin Legislature’s finance committee tucked language into the 2013-15 state budget making manufacturers immune from pending lawsuits.”

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