Obama making secret deals with Iran

Obama’s secret dealings with the terrorist state of Iran keep leaking out.

Now we learn that — what a coincidence! — the first $400 million, supposedly of a $1.7 billion settlement that dates to 1979, was secretly airlifted in the form of cash on wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies at precisely the same time in mid-January when four Americans were released by Iran, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Obama announced the release of the prisoners without any mention of the secret cash shipment.

“Iranian press reports have quoted senior Iranian defense officials describing the cash as a ransom payment,” WSJ relates.

Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian after being released by Iran following a secret $400 million cash airlift. (Reuters photo via WSJ)

The U.S. has a longstanding policy against paying ransom for the release of hostages/prisoners, lest it encourage the taking of more hostages. Since January the Iranians have arrested two more Iranian-Americans as well as several others with dual European citizenships.

Two years ago the family of a murdered American journalist was threatened with arrest if they had tried to pay ransom for his release. They said a military officer working for Obama’s National Security Council warned they could be charged with supporting terrorism if they paid a ransom to his Islamist captors.


Just a couple of weeks ago The Associated Press reported that a secret codicil to the Iranian nuclear deal will let the imams start building nukes years earlier than previously reported.


“The confidential document is the only text linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn’t been made public, although U.S. officials say members of Congress who expressed interest were briefed on its substance,” AP reported. “It was given to the AP by a diplomat whose work has focused on Iran’s nuclear program for more than a decade, and its authenticity was confirmed by another diplomat who possesses the same document.”

Of the latest secret deal, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton accused Obama of paying “a $1.7 billion ransom to the ayatollahs for U.S. hostages. … This break with longstanding U.S. policy put a price on the head of Americans, and has led Iran to continue its illegal seizures” of Americans.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford added, “President Obama’s … payment to Iran in January, which we now know will fund Iran’s military expansion, is an appalling example of executive branch governance. … Subsidizing Iran’s military is perhaps the worst use of taxpayer dollars ever by an American president.”

Congress is working on legislation to prevent the Obama administration from making further cash payments to Iran.

The story did not warrant mention in today’s Las Vegas newspaper.

OK, before the defenders of Obama start coming to his defense with the excuse that others did it, too. Yes, Reagan did it, too.


27 comments on “Obama making secret deals with Iran

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    The most transparent administrator in history! If you believe that I have a bridge I want to sell you!

  2. nyp says:

    It was so, so incredibly secret that John Kerry issued a public announcement of it on January 17, 2016:

    “The United States and Iran today have settled a long outstanding claim at the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal in the Hague.

    “This specific claim was in the amount of a $400 million Trust Fund used by Iran to purchase military equipment from the United States prior to the break in diplomatic ties. In 1981, with the reaching of the Algiers Accords and the creation of the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, Iran filed a claim for these funds, tying them up in litigation at the Tribunal.

    “This is the latest of a series of important settlements reached over the past 35 years at the Hague Tribunal. In constructive bilateral discussions, we arrived at a fair settlement to this claim, which due to litigation risk, remains in the best interests of the United States.

    “Iran will receive the balance of $400 million in the Trust Fund, as well as a roughly $1.3 billion compromise on the interest. Iran’s recovery was fixed at a reasonable rate of interest and therefore Iran is unable to pursue a bigger Tribunal award against us, preventing U.S. taxpayers from being obligated to a larger amount of money.

    “All of the approximately 4,700 private U.S. claims filed against the Government of Iran at the Tribunal were resolved during the first 20 years of the Tribunal, resulting in payments of more than $2.5 billion in awards to U.S. nationals and companies through that process.

    “There are still outstanding Tribunal claims, mostly by Iran against the U.S. We will continue efforts to address these claims appropriately.”


  3. nyp says:

    You are drawing the inference that the settlement of the 30 year-old international tribunal dispute was a quid pro quo. You are perfectly entitled to do so.

    But what you are not entitled to do is to claim that a legal settlement that was publicly announced by the Secretary of State on the State Department’s own website was “a secret deal.”

    That’s nuts.

  4. The planeload of cash was secret.

  5. nyp says:

    So the secret wasn’t that we were settling the case by paying $400 million, but that the money was going to Iran by plane?

    Or is it that the money was sitting on wooden pallets?

    Whatev …

  6. This also came days after Iran captured a U.S. Navy vessel.

  7. nyp says:

    Tell me again what was secret about a payment that was announced by John Kerry in a press release.

    BTW — that navel vessel accidentally strayed into Iranian waters near a military base.

  8. By the way, the crew was humiliated and not treated according to the Geneva Convention, but Obama sloughed that off and delivered the cash in the dead of night. The U.S. also freed seven Iranian citizens and dropped extradition requests for 14 others.

  9. nyp says:

    Quite a secret.
    You are reaching Trumpian levels of logical reasoning.

  10. Why didn’t Obama write a check? Did Iran suspect it would bounce?

  11. Patrick says:

    Since when does the Geneva Convention matter?

    ” One thing is certain; the soldiers (who apparently urinated on some killed in action) were expressing disregard for the Geneva Convention and code of conduct because of previous statements by former president Bush, Dick Cheney, and other Bush administration officials who flaunted their disregard for the Geneva Convention.”


  12. Patrick says:

    At worst, The several hundred million dollars, that without question belonged to Iran. When bush sent BILLIONS of American taxpayer dollars, to Iraq, on pallets, and the money was never heard from again, I don’t remember any outrage from the right.

    “WASHINGTON — Not long after American forces defeated the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein in 2003, caravans of trucks began to arrive at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington on a regular basis, unloading an unusual cargo — pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills. The cash, withdrawn from Iraqi government accounts held in the United States, was loaded onto Air Force C-17 transport planes bound for Baghdad, where the Bush administration hoped it would provide a quick financial infusion for Iraq’s new government and the country’s battered economy.”


  13. The go-to answer: Bush did it, too, or was even worse, which makes anything Obama does acceptable.

  14. nyp says:

    To answer your question: current US sanctions law makes it illegal to conduct a transaction with Iran in US currency and there is no banking relationship between the US and Iran that would permit payment of the litigation settlement by “check.”

    Now, a question of my own: why do you misleadingly and repeatedly characterize as “secret” a litigation settlement that was announced by John Kerry in a press release seven months ago?

  15. Patrick says:

    The fact that Bush did it (and worse) without the same criticism, makes the current criticism seem hypocritical just partisan.

    What happened to “the principle” is what’s important?

  16. Steve says:

    At the very least this administration has really shitty timing.
    Remember the “beer summit” fiasco? The OJT began there.
    Obama seems to have learned a thing or two from the seven year training period…he ought to be a really good administrator in about four or five more years, OJT!

  17. nyp says:

    Here is the transcript of a White House press briefing, held seven months ago, on the litigation settlement with Iran:

    That Obama, he is so incompetent he can’t even keep a “secret deal” secret!

  18. Apparently Iran’s arms dealers only take cash in small, non-sequential denominations.

  19. Winston Smith says:

    Deals = Agreements = Treaties = Senate approval.

  20. Patrick says:


  21. nyp says:

    Tell me again, Mr. Mitchell,how a litigation settlement announced by the Secretary of State and by the White House Press Secretary is a “secret deal.”

  22. Steve says:

    Well, nyp.

    the best secrets are the ones hiding in plain sight

  23. nyp says:


  24. American citizen says:

    This is not some sort of twisted joke president Barack Hussein Obama’s paying1.7 billion in euros Swiss franc’s Japanese gold panda’s. Was treason against booth the Geneva convention and the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION

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