November presidential election will be one it which voters will be holding their noses

According to several recent national polls, including the latest from the Washington Post-ABC News, voters this fall will not be voting “for” a particular candidate but “against.”

Though Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 4 points in the poll, a majority of her supporters say the reason for choosing her is due to their opposition to Trump, and likewise for Trump voters who really oppose Clinton.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll show both candidates have net negatives:

Trump heads into the Republican convention with a 27 percent positive/60 percent negative score (-33) — remaining the most unpopular presumptive presidential nominee in the history of the NBC/WSJ poll.

But he’s followed closely by Clinton’s 34 percent positive/56 percent negative score (-22).

But that is just the head-to-head poll question, when you add in the Libertarian and Green candidates the result is: Clinton 42 percent, Trump 38 percent, Gary Johnson 8 percent and Jill Stein 5 percent.

That NBC News/Wall Street Journal four-way poll shows: Clinton gets 41 percent, Trump 35 percent, Johnson 11 percent, and Stein 6 percent.

No major poll, according to Real Clear Politics, thus far gives Johnson more than 13 percent and it takes 15 percent in five major polls for him to qualify for a spot on the national debate stage.

Will the GOP convention starting today give Trump a bounce?










One comment on “November presidential election will be one it which voters will be holding their noses

  1. Winston Smith says:

    Who made the 15% rule for third party candidates? If your party is on enough states’ ballots to theoretically win the election, you should share the stage with the republicrats.

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