Don’t settle for the lesser of two weevils

According to the latest IBD/TIPP poll, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has an unfavorable rating of 61 percent, while presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has an unfavorable rating of 63 percent. How to choose the lesser of these two weevils?

What if there were a third weevil?

The Libertarian Party, whose nominees will be on the ballot in all 50 states, have put forward two former governors as its nominees. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson tops the ticket with former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld named as his veep.


They tout themselves as fiscal conservatives but classically liberal when it comes to social issues.

Columnist John Stossel quotes Weld from a recent interview as saying, “We don’t buy government making decisions for people in their private lives, part of the Republican Party platform, and we don’t buy the Democrats’ penchant for spending money that we don’t have.”

press release put out by the Libertarian Party Wednesday after Clinton clinched the number of delegates to win the Democrat nomination called on Bernie Sanders supporters to switch their support to Johnson/Weld because of their stances on social issues.

“Johnson is a staunch advocate for marriage equality, and a passionate defender of hard-working immigrants, whom he notes commit fewer crimes per capita than do U.S. citizens,” it says. “He calls Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric incendiary and racist, and describes his proposal to deport 11 million immigrates as ‘just crazy.’ … And he’s a nice guy.”


The latter is something you can’t say about the other two parties’ candidates.

Johnson has a long record of taking stances on the issues, while Weld’s record is less well documented by

But Johnson told Stossel about Weld’s conservative bona fides by explaining that on his first day as governor he furloughed 8,000 employees.

The was 9 percent of the state workforce, said Weld, who said he cut the state budget 14 percent in his first two months in office. “Piece o’ cake … I’d love to see the federal government receive cuts like that,” he added.


In the video below Johnson notes there is a website called that asks users a number of questions on the issues and then shows which candidates’ stances are most closely aligned to your responses.

You can give it a twirl and seek with whom you most closely align. I was 90 percent in agreement with Johnson, but also 83 percent with Trump. The only problem with that is that Trump at one time or the other has taken every conceivable stance on both sides of the political spectrum.



5 comments on “Don’t settle for the lesser of two weevils

  1. Bill says:

    Interesting, but at this point, still probably a quixotic effort. Perhaps we deserve the grim prospect of having to choose between two horrible choices. Perhaps it is because of our failure to invest our time, money and thought into the political process, Any doubts, take a look at man on the street questioners that reveal a public who know what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had for breakfast but can’t name the first president of the United States or for that matter, the present one. There are those that lament that we have lost our moral compass as a society. I really don’t like to hear issues psited as moral or immoral as that can be a refuge for scoundresls but I will heartily endorse the thought that we have lost our basic ability to reason or our ability to use our common sense.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see the cross over in this upcoming election; the number of republican/democrats, voting for the candidate running from the other party.

    I am happy about Johnson’s candidacy and I can see many conservatives voting their conscience and voting for him, but I can’t see many “liberals” doing that especially if they do any research into the libertarian party’s position on social programs. I mean, how many young liberals today, who have supported Bernie, are going to vote for a guy that believes public education ought to be…..drown in a bathtub? Or that tax rates, for the wealthiest Americans should be…cut to next to nothing, or that Social Security, and Medicare ought to be done away with?

    I know many conservatives find the libertarian policies appealing, but I can’t see many (if any) liberals or even conservative Democrats that would.

  3. Forget that Gary Johnson and William Weld are as exciting as watching paint dry…the more pertinent fact is that they won’t win one state and they won’t win one electoral vote. If that’s a principled alternative…I have some ocean front property in Pahrump I’d like to sell you. (Wait, maybe that’s brothel front property…my bad!)

  4. Steve says:

    Well, Brien, enjoy your Clinton presidency. Because that is what you get with your Trump vote.

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