BLM creates new security job that will be in charge of … intelligence?

No bungling will go unrewarded.

The man who was in charge of security for the Bureau of Land Mismanagement during the Bundy ranch cattle roundup and standoff two years ago has been promoted to a newly created position, according to Greenwire.

Dan Love

Dan Love, who was in charge of BLM security in Nevada and Utah, will now serve as the BLM’s agent in charge of security, protection and intelligence.

The intelligence part of the job reportedly includes gathering information on emerging threats, including from websites and social media.

Why a land management agency has what amounts to its own law enforcement force is a question to begin with. Even the Test Site uses private security firms. Aren’t actual federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI as well as local police and sheriff agencies sufficient to protect these public servants?

As for intelligence? That is spying. Why does an agency in charge of managing largely vacant land and handing out grazing permits need a spy?

“In this position, Dan will be responsible for a range of national level program components including facility security oversight and coordination efforts, as well as the bureau’s law enforcement intelligence program,” according to an internal email obtained by Greenwire.

The account goes on to list various acts of violence, some dating back more than 20 years, that might have prompted the creation of this redundant position.

In an article in the Salt Lake City Tribune in October of 2014, rural Utah sheriffs described Love as Public Enemy No. 1.

“Elected law enforcement officers from Nephi to Blanding call him an arrogant and dishonest bully who has little regard for local authority and dodges accountability, derailing a collaborative approach to police work on the state’s federal lands,” the article declares.

Love did not talk to the reporter, but state and local officials said he had an intimidating attitude and unwillingness to work with local officials — just the right person to put in charge of a national spy shop.





3 comments on “BLM creates new security job that will be in charge of … intelligence?

  1. Dan Love was also the arrogant “in your face” agent who demanded the lavish digs at the 2015 Burning Man festival…including 24 hour access to ice cream. He’s a real piece of work…

  2. But by far…Dan Love’s most heinous and monumental screw up, was the one that led to the suicides of both his undercover informant…and the only practicing physician in Blanding Utah and the four corners area. What went on here was a disgusting travesty of justice and overreach that is heart wrenching. The “gestapo” like tactics of Love, the BLM and the FBI paints an ugly picture of just how out of control these federal thugs have become. And now to award him with the new position…it’s simply unconscionable and repulsive.

  3. Amber says:

    So now there will be spies walking among us…how very despicable and predictable from the overreaching federal bureaucracy known as the BLM. A pox on them!

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