It bears repeating? Or does it?


In today’s Las Vegas newspaper you’ll find the same story and photo on both page 3A and 4D.

From the if-they-liked-it-once-they’ll-love-it-twice department at the local newspaper comes a repeat of the same entertainment story about the movie “Captain America: Civil War,” in which superheroes apparently duke it out according to both headlines, in both the A section and the D section on the, you know, “entertainment” page.

In the movies, don’t they someone in charge of what they call continuity?





4 comments on “It bears repeating? Or does it?

  1. John Smith says:


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  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    They are just filling pages, the newspaper is moribund.

  3. But they did not have space for the Politico report about how the RNC is likely to take away Nevada’s first-in-the-West caucus.

  4. Steve says:

    Too much ink, not enough writers.

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