Nevada likely to lose early GOP presidential voting status

(Getty photo via Politico)

According to Politico today, the Republican National Committee is likely to yank Nevada from its first-in-the-West caucus position due to what is described as “embarrassing procedural errors, low turnout, confusion among attendees and questions about the integrity of the process.”

“The long knives are out for Nevada,” one RNC committeeman was quoted as saying. “Nevada does nothing for us.”

A party rules committee is consider the change when it meets prior to the July convention in Cleveland, and a committee will make a final decision at the convention.

Colorado and Arizona are said to be in the running to take Nevada’s place.

Donald Trump won Nevada by more than 20 points. He picked up 45.9 percent of the vote to Marco Rubio’s 23.9 percent and Ted Cruz’s 21.4 percent.

The GOP caucus handling was widely criticized for long lines and a lack of timely precinct meetings at which voters could discuss candidates. It was more like a primary with paper ballots.




3 comments on “Nevada likely to lose early GOP presidential voting status

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    And ANYONE could have stuffed the ballot box.

  2. Bill says:

    It is always the self inflicted wounds that are the most painful. Those who would be party leaders keep forming their circular firing squads and then lamenting the results.

  3. Colorado’s process was just as bad as Nevada’s…and Arizona had it’s problems too. It’s time to go to a primary…so more Nevadan’s can vote and participate. Folks who work an afternoon shift have no chance of attending a “caucus” (that wasn’t really a caucus). It would also take care of the long lines and confusion that was widespread this year! A smoother primary operation may help to keep the Battle Born State’s early voting position.

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