Cruz picks up delegates in Wisconsin, but New York is next

Savor Wisconsin’s 36 added delegates while you can, Cruz fans.

Next up is New York, where all the polls show Trump up by more than 30 points.

When the smoke cleared this morning, well after the morning paper’s deadline, Cruz garnered 36 delegates from Wisconsin to Trump’s six.

As is his style, the ever gracious Trump campaign put out a statement about the Wisconsin vote results:

Most of the pundits are now saying there is an even greater chance now of a contested convention that could see someone other than front-runner Trump earning the nomination of the GOP, since he is unlikely to clinch the nomination by winning 1,237 delegates before then.

Cruz is unlikely to reach that number since he would need to win about 85 percent of the remaining delegates.


On, Sanders won Wisconsin, picking up 47 delegates to Clinton’s 36, as if that makes any difference, considering all the superdelegates lined up for Clinton.



2 comments on “Cruz picks up delegates in Wisconsin, but New York is next

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    Rubio left the campaign a month ago and is still ahead of Kasich, I understand Kasich is part of the so-called establishment so is he there as a spoiler for Trunp and Cruz, to help Clinton, also a part of the establishment despite her scandals and shortcomings? Does Clinton ever consider that supporters of Sanders are more a vote against her than for him, that his supporters will crossover to the Republican candidate, whichever one prevails? The news media is propping her up, although they have to know if she loses a share of the Sanders supporters to the Republican candidate she is in a huge hole.

  2. Trump’s barnacles are becoming ever more apparent with each passing day…he will not reach the 1237 magic number and so all bets will be off at convention. He can whine all he wants…he is a sniveling narcissistic cad…perhaps he should study a little history, the 1824 Presidential election might be a good place to start. Andrew Jackson won the popular vote…he led the electoral college vote but fell 32 votes short of the requirement for election. John Quincy Adams was handed the presidency by the House of Representatives led by Speaker of the House Henry Clay (who went on to become Adams’ Secretary of State).

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