Wisconsin may provide a peek into GOP future

Wisconsin voters turn out today to select presidential nominees for each party. The GOP race is being closely watched as a make or break for both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, though John Kasich is still in as a spoiler. There are 42 delegates at stake.

Trump currently has 737 delegates, but Cruz, Kasich and Marco Rubio have a combined 789.

Some polls, posted by Real Clear Politics, show Cruz winning Wisconsin and some Trump:


By most news accounts Trump has had a rough week. His campaign had to walk back his statement that women who get illegal abortions should be punished, and he then suggested Japan South Korea should have nukes to defend themselves.

How quickly will voters catch on to Trump’s shoot-from-the-lip lack of seriousness and outright laziness in failing to even try to be prepared to answer simply questions?

Thomas Sowell concludes in IBD today:

Instead of offering coherent plans for dealing with the nation’s problems, Trump skips that and boasts of the great things he will achieve. Those who dare to question are answered with cheap put-downs, often at a gutter level.

A man in his 60s, who is still acting like a spoiled adolescent, is not going to grow up in the next four years. And, as president, he would have the lives of us all, and our loved ones, in his hands, as well as the fate of this great nation at a fateful time.

There are signs that some people are belatedly waking up to the dangers that Donald Trump represents. We can only hope that the voters in Wisconsin are among them — and that voters in New York, California and elsewhere wake up before it is too late.

But some polls show Trump with a majority in New York.


13 comments on “Wisconsin may provide a peek into GOP future

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    After almost two terms of Obama how can anyone speak of the dangers of a Trump presidency, it will take several presidencies to undo Obama’s agenda, that’s if there’s even a will to turn back the clock to a Cnnstitutional based government. Electing Hillary Clinton will make the abandonment of Constitutional principles total, whether Trump or Cruz gains the office we will go back to the three branches instead of Obama’s dictatorship. How a community organizer, a cypher, little more than a Chicago street hustler, alter the course of history will be studied for ages, it will be a deep dark mystery sorting out those that placed him.

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    Either way, the GOP has problems with us little people. I did up a petition a week or so ago and considering I’m pretty much computer illiterate, I’ve gotten over 3000 signatures.
    Not that I’m asking anyone here to sign it but I think you’ll get a taste for what the common person thinks about the GOP by reading some of the comments. The people are pissed!

  3. Thanks. Homophones R us.

  4. Patrick says:

    Conservatives are funny aren’t they?

    The damage done by Obama? A “return” to Constitutional governing? Seriously? The stuff that supporters of Bush and Reagan would say makes an objective observer (I have one sitting next to me) laugh out loud.

    He litany of Constitutional abuses from these “conservative” presidents (and please spare me the “bush was a neocon” crapola when for two terms he was supported at the polls OVERWHELMINGLY, by “conservatives”.

    From Iran Contra, to Bush’s NSA spying programs this country has survived 4 terms of conservative treason. Spare me the “only when a republican is elected all we return to three branches of government horse crap; Richard “the dick” Cheney didn’t use the term unitary executive to describe Obama. He was describing the complete, and in his mind totally appropriate usurpation of the government by Bush (and of course himself).

    Disgusting that barely 8 years after the most heinously treasonous presidency this country has known, “conservatives” want to forget it.

    And now, they talk about Trump and Cruz (Mr. And Mr. Let’s bring back Internment camps and secure and patrol Muslim neighborhoods in this country) as if THEY are the two that will “bring back” the Constitution?

    Sorry, the objective observer sitting beside me just threw up through her laughter.

  5. Fivethirtyeight is giving Cruz an 89% chance of winning Wisconsin today! (Trump’s chances are only 11% and Kasich is less than 1%). Their projected final results are Cruz 41.8%, Trump 34.1% and Kasich 21.8%. Let’s hope the left’s favorite political forecaster is correct!

  6. Steve says:

    “Concerning the Panama Papers scandal, let’s start putting two and two together.

    1. Hillary Clinton lobbied for the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement, and WAS WARNED it would make money laundering and tax evasion easier for rich folks and bad guys.

    2. Deutsche Bank is up to its eyeballs in this shit.

    3. After resigning as SoS, Hillary Clinton personally made $485,000 speaking to – don’t hold your breath, you know where I’m going with this – Deutsche Bank.

    No nuance. It’s really simple. Hillary Clinton did Deutche Bank a big lucrative solid, and they returned the favor when it was legally permissible.”


    She deleted emails from a private server being used to send and receive official government correspondence as SoS…a perfect position to be in for just such shenanigans.
    When DailyKOS starts to turn, then couple in that video of Sanders predicting this whole thing….
    It doesn’t matter if she’s under investigation, there are plenty of people in her own party who already find placing trust in her abhorrent. Tonight Sanders took 45 to her 31 delegates in Wisconsin.
    As a life long independent, if I were in one of those countries that required me, by law, to vote for one of the current top offerings I would have to place the check in the box next to Sanders.

    Thank goodness I live in the US, I am able to make another choice. Think Libertarian, they have ideas both sides can embrace.

  7. Patrick says:

    “All three agreements (Panama, Korea, and Columbia) were initiated under President George W. Bush. But they never won approval from Congress, which at the time was controlled by Democrats who objected over labor and environmental issues.”

    “All three agreements passed easily in the Republican-led House, over the objections of most Democratic lawmakers. The Senate passed each deal by a strong majority, overcoming opposition largely made up of liberal Democrats and lawmakers representing onetime industrial hubs.”


    After a change in control of the Senate and the House however, which put republicans in control, things changed.

    Every republican senator voted for the Panama Treaty. Every “no” vote (22 of them) came from democrats. The bill passed the Senate 77-22 (Veto Proof Majority)

    The bill passed the republican controlled house by a 300-129 vote. 123 Democratic House members voted no, while 66 voted in favor. (Veto Proof Majority)

    When it comes to simple, what’s simple, is that the republicans pad back all their big donors, including Duetche Bank.

  8. nyp says:

    From factcheck.org:

    “Since President Barack Obama first took office:
    The U.S. trade deficit has shrunk by 24 percent; exports have grown faster than imports.
    The number of immigrants in the U.S. illegally has gone down — by 3.4 percent according to one independent estimate and by 9 percent according to another.
    The economy has added 9.7 million jobs.
    The unemployment rate has dropped below the historical norm.
    The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent.
    Corporate profits are running 144 percent higher and stock prices have soared.
    Federal debt has more than doubled, and annual deficits, after shrinking, are again on the rise.
    The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by nearly 15 million.”


  9. Steve says:

    I like how Patrick posts proof Democrats were behind the Panama deal while blaming Republicans for it!

    It was a bipartisan as it could be and Hillary benefited directly.

  10. Patrick says:

    ““All three agreements (Panama, Korea, and Columbia) were initiated under President George W. Bush. But they never won approval from Congress, which at the time was controlled by Democrats who objected over labor and environmental issues.”

    I like how Steve turns this^^^^ into a Democratic bill.

  11. Steve says:

    “Congress, which at the time was controlled by Democrats who objected over labor and environmental issues.”

    See? Patrick even posts supporting data for me! Democrats passed it VETO PROOF!

    And, to reiterate, it couldn’t have been more bipartisan than it was.

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