Harry Reid continues to confound with his strange stances on issues

Harry Reid never fails to fail.

While he is being “awarded” the Porker of the Month “honor” by a group called Citizens Against Government Waste for failing to allow a vote on a bill designed to empower federal agency inspectors general to fight waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement, Reid’s website heaps praise on an overheated, overblown, paranoid report by a group called Center for American Progress, which is calling on Congress to launch a full-blown investigation into everyone who ever suggested the federal government controls too much land in the West.

Bundy speaks at an event (AP photo by John Locher posted with report by Center for American Progress)

The government waste watchdog group says the bill would ensure inspectors general would have access to all agency records for their investigations, but when Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley asked in December for unanimous consent, which would have allowed a voice vote, Reid refused and declined to say why, merely stating he and other unnamed senators were “concerned about it.”

Perhaps it was because the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security found that Harry was inappropriately interfering with the issuance of visas for Chinese investors in a Las Vegas casino in which his son was involved?

But Reid never misses a chance to support his left-wing loons who scream conspiracy and revolution every time anyone suggests the federal bureaucrats should butt out of state and local matters.

Reid has a link to a report by the Center for American Progress that claims to document “the rise of violent extremism on public lands and the need for Congress to confront this growing problem.”

Reid breathlessly states:

“This report shines a much-needed spotlight on the threat posed by anti-government extremists. These dangerous groups openly flout the law and deny Americans their ability to use public lands. Recently, armed groups in Nevada and Oregon have instigated reckless confrontations on public lands, demonstrating a real and growing problem in our country. Congress has a duty to provide the resources needed for public land managers to do their jobs safely and effectively.

“Our nation’s leaders also have a responsibility to stand up to extremist groups and protect hard-working law-abiding citizens. Sadly, too many on the Republican side are willing to feed the hateful rhetoric and actions of the most radical voices in our society, in the hopes of advancing themselves no matter the cost to our country’s values or the safety of our citizens. This is irresponsible and wrong. It is time for Republicans to come to their senses and stand up to these extremists and denounce the horrible values they represent. This violent extremism must be stopped.”

So far none of those violent extremists has fired a shot. Yes, they confront law enforcement and they are armed, but law enforcement has killed one of them and wounded another.

The report to which Reid refers sweeps the actions of a few protesters in with any and all political discourse suggesting states and local communities should have greater control over what is now federal public land. Oddly enough Reid failed to use the opportunity to take a slap at the Koch brothers but the report does that, bordering on claiming they are the sponsors of insurrection.

The report uses the words extremism or extremist 18 times. It mentions violent or violence 19 times. It mentions anti-government 26 times. Since when is being pro-local government control the same as anti-government? It uses the word armed 22 times. Seems like a case of hoplophobia.

The only actual violence attributed to any of these violent extremists is a mention of Jerad and Amanda Miller, who were at the Bundy ranch standoff in 2014 and later shot and killed two police officers a bystander before killing themselves. The report fails to mention that the Millers were told to leave the ranch because they were crazy talking left-wing weirdoes.

The report so praised by Reid calls on Congress to act, even though the report itself points out that 25 people have been arrested for occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon and 19 charged with various crimes from the Bundy ranch standoff. Six of those are charged in both. It claims there are still 30 people at large, according to media accounts. That’s still well less than 100 people deserving of this diatribe and call to further arm the already well-armed federal land agents and the fire more.

The report attacks members of Congress for saying federal agencies have been heavy handed, including Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei.

It concludes:

“A congressional investigation alone will not stop the rise of violent extremism on public lands. Anti-government activists and militants have shown that they will use any means available to divest U.S. taxpayers of national forests, monuments, and other public lands. But Congress’ intervention would send a powerful signal of support to the law enforcement officials and prosecutors working to restore the rule of law and bring those accountable to justice. Investigators could also help shed light on the dark network of patriot militias, financiers, and special interest groups that are currently fighting to seize control of U.S. public lands.”

It sounds as if public lands are sacrosanct and you’d best shut up if you dare think otherwise.

The report never mentions the rampant mismanagement of those public lands or the wildfires or the oil and gas and mining explorations and cattle grazing that are being blocked in some vague bid to protect various species of birds, bugs, weeds and minnows.

Center for American Progress? Center for American status quo.






10 comments on “Harry Reid continues to confound with his strange stances on issues

  1. Nyp says:

    Your post could not be more timely, given that only today another yet patriot attempted to exercise his Second Amendment remedies at the US Capitol.

  2. Steve says:

    Larry Dawson,the person nyp is referring to as a “patriot”, was known to police for an October outburst in the House, when he yelled out that he was a “prophet of God.” He was ejected for being a bit crazy, to say the least.

    What did we learn for Nyp’s comment?

    We now know what nyp thinks of patriots. All of the people in the country who love the USA and will stay here no matter who gets elected to the Presidency.

    Nyps calls all of these people crazy, by association.

    I say nyp could be accused of inspiring sedition for calling people who love their country, crazy.

  3. Ten months before Dingy Harry rides off into the sunset….sheeeeesh, it’s worse than waiting for Santa Claus!

  4. Patrick says:

    Thought this article might be of interest to Thomas in particular, knowing how often he suggests that “clean energy” is getting subsidized, when the reality is that its the “dirty energy” interests that are truly raping the American public.


  5. Rincon says:

    Interesting article Patrick. In it, it said, “…roughly 90-percent of the coal lease auctions since 1990 involved only a single bidder”. Can it be called an auction if there’s only one bidder? Conservatives though, are busy railing about solar and wind power, so you can’t expect them to pay attention to this. According to their theory, an auction with only one buyer is still good old capitalism and of course, they don’t consider giving away coal mining rights for next to nothing as a subsidy, since the government didn’t actually give anyone money, just coal. It’s pretty easy to fool them when they want to be fooled.

  6. Patrick says:

    Thanks Rincon!

    The thing is, this information is out there, but some people would rather not know.

    The taxpayers in this country are, even though most of them don’t it, giving away our finite natural resources to companies making literally billions and billions of dollars at our expense. The vast mineral wealth this country possesses on OUR lands just wasting away making a very, very few incredibly wealthy and most of us get nothing but the shaft. Nevada is like ground zero what with the gold and silver, and other minerals under our soil. But alas, most of the people on the right that I talk to want to whine about the paltry sums clean energy companies are receiving to boost them into the future.

    Glad you enjoyed it though.

  7. Rincon says:

    “The thing is, this information is out there, but some people would rather not know.”

    Some don’t want to see it and so, don’t look. Others see it, but are blinded by ideology. A few actually incorporate it into their opinions.

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