March marches in with colors galore












Guinness checks out the veggies.


No other words needed.



10 comments on “March marches in with colors galore

  1. Wendy Ellis says:

    Oh, how lovely! Thank you for sharing these images. I drove to Death Valley Thursday, to see the superbloom. I had not gone there before, and it was well worth the drive. I will send some pictures, if you want to see them.


  2. Please send.

    We should do that.

  3. Beautiful pictures…thank you! Who’s your brown friend?

  4. I added a cutline after I first sent it, thinking people would like to know. That is Guinness, our 10-year-old female chocolate law. Her brother from a later litter is 8-year-old Gulliver.

  5. Steve says:

    I would suggest a little tone mapping to make them pop.
    All digital cameras tend to dull the images, making them lose what we are trying to capture.

    I took these last year while walking my dog…then made some adjustments at home.

  6. Nice. I usually work with pix of people to adjust tones, contrast, color, but these I just popped off to show the variety.

  7. She looks like a real sweetie. I lost my bestest buddy Moose (also a chocolate lab) the day after Christmas…and it still stings like crazy, I sure do miss that boy.

  8. Labs are affectionate dogs … a little too playful and rambunctious sometimes.

  9. Steve says:

    For crazy, try a Jack Russel!

  10. Barbara says:

    Very beautiful! Thanks so much.

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