Super Tuesday outcome at a glance

Since the morning paper noted on its front page Tuesday that its new design “will allow bolder presentations of the news and more helpful graphic, visual elements,” but contains no graphics today to help grasp the outcome from Super Tuesday, as it did not after the Nevada caucuses, so here is what others are providing.

Conservative Review has an easy-to-grasp chart of the all-important GOP delegate count:

The New York Times has a chart showing state-by-state vote percentages.

NYT grafix

Online the Times also has a map and other information.

For those who would like to see the actual number of votes as well as percentages, that is provided by The Hill for each state.

The Wall Street Journal also has a page of easy-to-peruse graphics that includes the number of delegates at stake in upcoming caucuses and primaries.

The Washington Post also has a page of helpful and interactive graphics, as does the Los Angeles Times here.



One comment on “Super Tuesday outcome at a glance

  1. […] The Washington Post story in the morning newspaper tells you who won how many states but fails to report the number of total delegates each candidate has so far and how many each picked up on Saturday in the caucuses and primaries. There is not a graphic in sight. […]

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