Time for everyone to gang up on Trump tonight

Trump endorses Romney in 2012 (Getty Images)

The Republican presidential debate tonight in Houston, prior to next week’s Super Tuesday in which 12 states make their selections, may be the last chance for the serious candidates to gang up on the swaggering, bragging, epithet-spewing clown who is actually winning so far, Donald Trump.

In an ironic twist, Trump is now calling the party’s 2012 candidate Mitt Romney dumb because he dared to suggest that Trump is not releasing his federal tax returns because they contain a bombshell — reminiscent of Harry Reid falsely claiming Romney had not paid taxes in a decade. As is his usual demeanor, Trump, who endorsed Romney in 2012, the year Trump registered as a Republican after many years as an independent, tweeted this measured response, “Mitt Romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. Dope!”

Trump earlier called for the firing of The Wall Street Journal’s entire editorial board because it called for him to release his tax returns early and avoid the problems and suspicions caused by Romney’s lateness in doing so. He also threatened to sue the newspaper if it did not apologize for noting his lack of knowledge about foreign trade. The paper didn’t apologize.

Perhaps, if all the candidates on stage tonight start pricking at The Donald’s incredibly thin skin he will collapse into the quivering heap of dangling nerves, crying like the “soft, weak, little baby” that he earlier called Ted Cruz.

Maybe Ben Carson should suggest that Trump release his medical records, especially the records from his shrink.

Marco Rubio should, as he did recently, challenge Trump on his support of ObamaCare and complete lack of foreign policy knowledge. Trump, who doesn’t know the difference between Kurds and Quds, thinks the U.S. should not defend Israel and should be neutral.

Ted Cruz should continue to attack Trump as being dangerously mercurial, prone to temper tantrums, rudderless on political philosophy. He should continue to ask: “And if Donald does win the general election, who knows what the heck he’ll do as president?”

Trump is a cipher who is selling himself as the solution to whatever ails the country by being the brilliant manager — more like dictator.

17 comments on “Time for everyone to gang up on Trump tonight

  1. John Smith says:

    You won’t believe the responses I am getting from people who are convinced that the character they are watching is what this country needs. He’s going to run America like his business — into the ground. >

  2. If Ttrump had invested his inheritance in the stock market, he’d be twice as rich as he claims to be now.

  3. John Chontos says:

    Please unsubscribe my email address

  4. iShrug says:

    Personally, I wish someone would take it to Rubio on immigration. The weasel.

  5. John, I think you have to do that.

    go to:
    You are following this blog, along with 1,360 other amazing people (manage).

    click on manage and click the check mark next to “following.”

  6. nyp says:

    Today’s Second Amendment Moment: five shot, two dead in freedom demonstration at a Kansas workplace.

  7. Steve says:


  8. Steve says:

    Well now, wasn’t THAT a clown car?

    Sounded just like an episode of “The View” for a quite a bit.

  9. Winston Smith says:

    Yeah DARPA, these are the kind of assholes I was writing about killing others, sometimes with guns…


    Your fixation on limiting our freedom of self-defense grows tiresome.

  10. Rincon says:

    I’m still amazed at how you folks can “discuss” this issue without specifying the changes that you want to see. Only Steve took my challenge of clearly stating a position on gun control, and he only did so partially. I asked people’s views on gun control due to a conversation I had with a father and son in law. One was liberal, the other conservative. When I finally got them to state their positions clearly, it turned out that they both wanted the exact same thing. Each was merely fearful that the other wanted to see extensive changes made. Maybe we’re not so far apart as we think?

  11. Steve says:

    My response was an attempt to ask you one question.

    How far do you say we have to go? All the way to padding every sharp corner and hard wall?

  12. Rincon says:

    I already said it, but I’ll repeat it for those of you who got confused. Some sort of reasonable background check seems necessary to prevent crazies from arming themselves to the teeth. The great majority should be allowed to buy firearms without undue difficulty. I would severely restrict access to machine guns, shoulder fired missiles and the like. A firearms license with safety training should be required.

  13. Steve says:

    You have described current law.
    So then;
    all existing laws are fully acceptable, no additions needed, Rincon.

  14. Rincon says:

    Only one, because I didn’t describe the current law. A reasonable background check is useless unless it is required of everyone. Since large numbers of people do not legally need background checks at this time, it is useless.

  15. Steve says:

    And when that doesn’t achieve the desired result, you peeps will look for more.
    What you want won’t change a thing.
    Crooks don’t get their guns from collectors at shows.

  16. Rincon says:

    “Crooks don’t get their guns from collectors at shows.” 1) Do you have a source to cite or are you just hallucinating? 2) Is there any way anyone can know? 3) Why do you support a double standard? Either get rid of background checks and let any crazy buy as many guns and ammo as he wants or get rid of the loophole – unless of course, you can prove that guns purchased at shows can never used to kill people.

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