Newspaper reports voting results … really?

New York Times graphic showing Nevada caucus results.

New York Times graphic showing Nevada caucus results.

Did you get your $3 worth today?

On the Sunday after Democrats in Nevada and Republicans in South Carolina chose their nominees for president, today’s Las Vegas newspaper reports the results without a single graphic showing the one thing that everyone wants to know: The numbers.

As every editor should know, numbers don’t lend themselves to text. Numbers are spatial. They need to be displayed in such a way that they can easily be grasped and compared.

Online the paper has a map purporting to show the Nevada results but it is only a precinct map of Clark County.

The South Carolina results, with so many candidates, especially cried out for a graphic display. But no. In fact the story on page 2A saying Trump won South Carolina had no numbers at all.

South Carolina results

You’re welcome.



3 comments on “Newspaper reports voting results … really?

  1. John Chontos says:

    I cannot believe the less than 11000 votes were cast to nominate a democrat. There are millions of democrats in Nevada that apparently don’t give a damn. I bet more than 90% were casino union people. So much for representative democracy.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Sometimes, only the pictures really matter, especially when the MSM wants to manipulate…

  3. […] but contains no graphics today to help grasp the outcome from Super Tuesday, as it did not after the Nevada caucuses, so here is what others are […]

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