Who, oh who will the UAW back for president?

The Daily Caller reports that the United Auto Workers union is surveying membership as to which Democratic presidential candidate to endorse, but there reportedly is considerable indecision.

UAW President Dennis Williams told the Detroit Free Press. “I think right now, people are conflicted. I think right now people are watching with interest what the candidates are saying,”

Should they back progressive Hillary are socialist Bernie?

Perhaps they should consider the guy who has been lambasting and boycotting the Oreos cookie maker for expanding its bakeries in Mexico — none other than Donald Trump.

Ford has decided to build a new assembly plant in Mexico, according to The Wall Street Journal today, increasing its Mexico production of vehicles and investing and additional $1 billion there.

It seems the decision comes hard on the heels of a new contract with the UAW that increases wages. The newspaper says salaries in Mexico are one-fifth of those in the U.S. UAW wages are expected to reach nearly $30 an hour in the next few, with wages for some newer employees increasing by $10 an hour.

Assembly line in Mexico (Bloomberg photo via WSJ)




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