Rhetoric as a mirror

What you say about someone else usually says more about you than about them.

Take the rambling screed by Andrew Kiraly in the current issue of Desert Companion, a slick magazine produced by Nevada Public radio, about the new ownership of the Review-Journal:

“A traumatic legacy of abusive owners, managers and operating philosophies are to blame for the stupid and terrible behavior: out-of-touch editorial screeds that sound like conservative Gilded Age cosplay, or a rightward slant that sometimes skews the front page, or badly concealed revanchist ideological crusades run through its political reportage. (For instance, if you recall the R-J’s coverage of the 2010 Harry Reid-Sharron Angle senate race, you might have received the mistaken impression that Reid was a slavering socialist, and that Angle was something other than a grasping, unhinged demagogue.)”

The parenthetical is the writer’s. Tells more about the viewpoint and political vector of the writer than anything about the actual news coverage of that race, which mostly was from Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame journalist the late-Laura Myers. Any characterization of her coverage as anything but fair is delusional. The columns and editorials are another matter, but that’s not “coverage.”

Illustration accompanying said screed.


5 comments on “Rhetoric as a mirror

  1. Steve says:

    And, in addition to the loss of Laura Meyers, let’s not forget the paper is very different from what it was in 2010.

    He seems to want to fight battles long over and gone.

  2. Patrick says:

    The RJ went from one far right wing billionaire owner to one, if it’s even possible, to another. Even more to the right and wealthier.

    The newspaper under Stevens didn’t have to be a profit center and could instead serve as a propaganda tool of its masters in Arkansas and no it can serve as the propaganda tool of a man more closely aligned with the far right interests in the US and Israel.


  3. Musings from a left wing hack…supported by taxpayer money, just like Rah Rah Ralston. Seems that’s where all the leftist demagogues end up. If only Mr. Kiraly would take off his cobalt blue colored glasses for a moment and see the world as it really is…but alas, once a progressive…always a progressive leftist socialist?

  4. They do sound similar and both have said the same thing. Supported by taxpayers.

  5. […] Newspaper Association awards. AP carried a short story. I defended Myers’ reputation in a blog earlier this year and remarked on her passing at the […]

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