Crony socialism is now all right with them

Methinks the editorial position of the Las Vegas newspaper bent to the left this morning.

Under the headline, “State stepping up for autonomous cars,” the editorial in this morning’s Review-Journal applauded Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval for deciding to appoint an autonomous car expert to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) — “a person whose job it will be to meet with companies looking to develop the industry and convince them Nevada is the place to do it.”

The editorial went on to applaud the governor for shelling out tax money and/or tax credits and abatements to attract companies such as Apple Computer, Switch, Tesla and Faraday Future, all described as big players in the information and energy economy.

“Gov. Sandoval’s competitive streak — and his vision for economic development — is but one reason Nevada has an advantage over other states when it comes to the new industry of driverless cars,” the editorial gushes with enthusiasm and calls for more of the same. “The state’s higher education system needs to match that vision with a competitive job-training program of its own, tailored specifically to the needs of the companies that will set up shop here.”

It seems like only yesterday, well, two years ago, the same editorial page was bemoaning such largesse under the headline, “Subsidized jobs,” noting that some of the deals GOED was cutting amounted to between $5,000 and $55,000 per job.

That editorial ended thusly:

Even at the levels handed out last month, the public simply can’t afford to subsidize its way to full employment. And it’s absolutely brutal to ask local businesses, who have invested in this community and sacrificed to keep their doors open, to pay full freight for themselves so newcomers — and potential competitors — can enter the market at a discount.

Nevada needs jobs, and the Barclaycard US and CITRA plans will help. But having Nevada governments pick winners isn’t a long-term employment solution. Our officials should be just as focused on doing whatever it takes to ensure existing companies can stay in business and grow. Let’s find a way to give them a break.

If a Republican governor and a Republican majority Legislature — meeting twice in special sessions — can embrace such crony socialism, so can a once-staunchly libertarian editorial page.

Evolution rewards the survival of the fittest.

Then there is the survival of those who just fit in.

Photo of Gov. Brian Sandoval accompanying the online version of today’s Review-Journal editorial. (R-J photo)


2 comments on “Crony socialism is now all right with them

  1. John Gordon Edwards says:

    I tend to be pragmatic. If Sandoval has planted the seed for an electric-car Detroit by giving incentives to Tesla, it’s corporate welfare but I am OK with that.However, I think the governor gave away too much on what may be a low percentage bet. I don’t think Tesla was going anywhere but Northern Nevada. If that is right, why did we give Tesla so much money.
    Wall Street analysts think Tesla has a huge remaining challenge — building cars for a mass market. I admit to not knowing much about Faraday, but it’s a private company and I haven’t seen their financials. I wonder if they have anything but a picture of a concept car. I hope I’m wrong, but Faraday sounds like a sucker’s bet — the kind of bet a desparate, all but bankrupt North Las Vegas will regret.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Crony Capitalism = Fascism.

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