PUC votes unanimously to screw over solar panel owners

The PUC just voted unanimously to stick with the change in tariffs for solar panel owners they approved in December. This came after hours and hours of impassioned testimony by retirees and others who had installed solar panels after encouragement by the state and the presumption that they could get a return on investment in a reasonable number of years.

In an exchange between a PUC member and a staffer right before the vote the staffer claimed there is no grandfathering in any rate class, yet seconds later he admitted schools and and public buildings will continue under the old net metering rates — without increased connection fees and drastically reduced credit for uploaded power.

During testimony one lawyer pointed out the action amounts to a taking under the Fifth Amendment and that PUC commissioner could be held personally liable for damages.

Let the litigation begin.





6 comments on “PUC votes unanimously to screw over solar panel owners

  1. nyp says:

    Here is more on the question of whether Ted Cruz is a natural-born citizen:


  2. More rabbit trails from the little nyper…hmmm, must be worried about Cruz?

  3. All roads to this unfortunate decision ultimately lead back to the head of the bureaucracy in Nevada…the same entity who recently rammed through the largest tax increase in the Battle Born State’s history…and those whom he listens to…(the Warren Buffets & the Elon Musks, et al)…the same entity that appoints the members of the PUC…and says to hell with the little people, those who are ultimately paying all the freight. Crony capitalism at it’s worst…

  4. […] its order Wednesday to continue the new rates that went into effect on Jan. 1 — despite hours of angry testimony […]

  5. […] Wednesday the PUC let stand its decision to drastically alter the deal residential solar panel owners had with NV Energy. Today lawyers […]

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