What is the circulation figure for the Las Vegas newspaper?

The number keeps changing faster than the score on a pinball machine.

Maybe the mystery of who purchased the Las Vegas newspaper is solved, but the matter of its actual circulation figure remains in flux. One recent story in the paper stated the Sunday circulation is still 184,000, the same as was claimed when the paper was purchased in March by New Media Investments.

But when the Las Vegas Review-Journal advertised by a new publisher in April, the ad listed a Sunday circulation of 138,000.

This weekend Newsonomics blogger Ken Doctor lists the Sunday circulation as 117,000, citing third quarter figures from the Alliance for Audited Media. The only consistent figure is a daily circulation of 95,000, which suspiciously hasn’t changed in more than a year.

In March 2013, the Alliance listed the paper’s daily circulation as 126,000, dropping almost 3 percent from 2012.

Doctor estimates that the paper’s new owner, casino operator and Republican political donor Sheldon Adelson, paid triple what it was worth in March, though newspaper values in general are on the decline. Like everyone else, Doctor ascribes the new owner’s price not to financial investment, but a political one.

The paper doesn’t buy ink by the barrel. It buys it by the tank car.



5 comments on “What is the circulation figure for the Las Vegas newspaper?

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    I can CERTIFY that it is at lease one as I get it everyday!

  2. Bob Berggren says:

    Well, as circulation declines the ol R-J can always lay off more people.

  3. T says:

    It is probable that the expanded fantasy numbers for Sunday were created by Bob Brown to cover the decline under his miss-management. If the Sunday advertisements were placed in the Saturday street edition then advertisers could be presented these expanded joint numbers in place of the old standard that concerned itself with the actual Sunday papers….

  4. Precisely, T, that is why the Saturday paper still carries the Saturday and Sunday dates on the folios.

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