Don’t send them to college, send them to boot camp

Send them to boot camp instead of college.

So, 200 simpering children — out of an enrollment of nearly 30,000 — spent six hours browbeating top administrators at UNLV about how neglected they are, how there aren’t enough diversity programs and minority services, multiculturalism and enough professors with adequate levels of melanin in their thin skins.

These kids don’t need a college education. They need boot camp.

Boot camp is intended to intimidate everyone down to the same level of quivering sameness, stripping away individualism and diversity until a shouted order is obeyed instinctively. There may be a few tears, but they are justified. In the end, you get someone who can actually do something, as well as being about to endure physically and mentally in a real world.

But no, according to the newspaper, UNLV President Len Jessop was accused of not caring enough for his sensitive charges until he apologized for “not listening enough.” The reporter described him as “visibly exhausted.”

This is what universities are becoming — little enclaves of jangling, raw nerves crying to be stroked and soothed.

That’s why it is no surprise that a Pew Research Center survey found that younger people are of the belief that government should be able to prevent people from making offensive statements about minorities. First Amendment be folded, spindled and mutilated.

Fully 28 percent of those surveyed believed this but the younger one is the greater the embrace. Of Millennnials — 18 to 34 — 40 percent bought into this nonsense, while Gen Xers (27 percnet) and Boomers (24 percent) and so-called Silents (only 12 percent).

There was also partisan gulf. “Nearly twice as many Democrats say the government should be able to stop speech against minorities (35%) compared with Republicans (18%),” the survey found, along with a gender gap. “One-third of all women say the government should be able to curtail speech that is offensive to minorities vs. 23% of men who say the same.”

Surprisingly, considering the campus whining of late from Missouri to Yale, there also was an education gap, with those more educated being less likely to embrace government censorship.

We all are minorities of one. Stop trying to pigeon hole everyone into groups that all think alike.



14 comments on “Don’t send them to college, send them to boot camp

  1. Steve says:

    Once again, you and the liberal pundit employed by the RJ are in agreement.

    So, when does the world come to an end,,,an hour from now?

  2. I purposefully have not yet read his piece, since I decided I was going to comment on this. But I will now. BTW, he and I agreeing is a rather rare.

  3. The world comes to an end with the next generation when they have to default on our debt.

  4. Steve says:

    I like your recommendation better but he pegs the cause nicely.
    From the earliest age, we train kids to be like this. And it’s institutional.

  5. And I’d like to suggest that we make sure the UNLV President…and the President of Mizzou make it to boot camp too…

  6. Connie Foust says:

    There is a disconnect with our younger generation. It is I believe because study in government, went to civics and now is social studies. My grandchildren are clueless on the Constitution and I have given each and every one of them pocket constitutions and talked to them many times about socialism. My one voice does not seem to penetrate through the throng of bad teachers and peer groups in our increasingly liberal society. Discouraging at best.

  7. Bill says:

    As a an old Marine, I would agree that the discipline of boot camp would do much to teach this generation that hardship does not consist of merely being inconvenienced. One of the benefits of universal military service was that many of our young males had the salutary benefit of military service. While we are at it, let us require of our education system that they teach American History in our public schools and that as a condition of advancement that students display a level of proficiency.

  8. Rincon says:

    Is it sexist to point out that women have percentages matching those with a high school diploma or less while men match those with a college degree or more? Maybe some of those guys have been to boot camp.

  9. Nyp says:

    Today’s Second Amendment moment: 16 people shot in a park in New Orleans.

  10. Steve says:

    Cops right there….injured people out the crowd of 500.

    What’s up with the silver gun?

    Par for the course, nypatrick jumping to conclusions.

  11. A.D. Hopkins says:

    The statistic breakdown was interesting. Thanks for including that. Now I not only know there are a lot of idiots out there, but who is likely to be one.

  12. Rincon says:

    Unbelievable, Steve. These students give Liberals a bad name.

  13. Steve says:

    Can’t blame the students for doing what they were taught to do, Rincon.

    Need to make real changes, I like Mitch’s idea.

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