Nevada’s public education report card shows no signs of improvement

According to the Nation’s Report Card, Nevada’s Johnnies and Janes are not improving in reading and mathematics despite all the efforts and emphasis from lawmakers and public education bureaucrats.

In fact, the figures reported this month, show fourth grade math scores and proficiency levels have dropped 3 points since 2011. The scores are below the national average, which has been stagnant. Eighth grade math faired about the same.

Fourth grade reading scores for Nevada students are stagnant, though basic proficiency ticked up 3 points from four years, but is the same as two years ago.

Eighth grade reading scores dropped 3 points from two years ago, and basic proficiency dropped a point.

All scores were below the national average. Neighboring states also showed stagnation or decline in shows.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the largest national test of student capabilities. Tests are conducted in reading, math, science, writing and other categories.

nv naep scores



One comment on “Nevada’s public education report card shows no signs of improvement

  1. Rincon says:

    Difficult to say how important test scores really are. We in the United States have lagged much of the world for several decades now, but are still the greatest center for research and innovation. Part of the reason I believe, is that tests are made by academics who design them in part, to ascertain who memorized the most trivia. I know that if I had been driven to study as much as the children of Korea and Japan, my animal hospital would have performed more poorly. Some of my most valuable skills were developed outside of school.

    That being said, test scores below the national average suggest that improvement is needed.

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