Tourism panel recycles an old commercial — targeting wrong audience in wrong way, perhaps?

Most of the news stories called the latest Nevada Tourism Commission advertising campaign fresh or new — taking a couple of paragraphs before admitting the commercials are recycled from two and half years ago.

“Nevada is launching a fresh tourism campaign focused on attracting adventure-loving millennials to the state — especially to the rural areas less trafficked than Las Vegas,” was the lede on the Carson City newspaper account.

The new commercials, like previous ones, feature rapid clips of scenes from around the state, including outdoor activities with the Las Vegas-based Killers band playing a rocked out version of the old ballad “Don’t Fence Me In.”

According to the Las Vegas paper, instead of showing images of the Strip and Lake Tahoe, the initial ads were shot at the Pioneer Saloon at Goodsprings and in Genoa — pronounced GIN-oh-a for the uninitiated.

But maybe this isn’t the time to be ignoring the gambling aspect of Nevada. Gaming revenues have fallen three months in a row, and room rates fell even though the number of visitors increased. Nevada hotel-casinos do account for nearly 45 percent of state general fund revenue.

Another story in the Las Vegas paper reports that basically those “adventure-loving millennials” don’t gamble and the industry isn’t doing much to attract them.

Of course, tax supported advertising to persuade taxpayers to do what’s good for them has always been a bit off-putting. The ads telling people to conserve water by getting their heads out of the grass are cheesy and sophomoric. The old “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” ads were salacious, though possibly effective for a certain type.

Here is a tourism commercial from two years ago (the one from April 2013 is labeled private now for some unknown reason):

The summer 2015 version is similar to the 2014:

Head in grass ad:

One of the stays in Vegas ads:

Frankly, I have always thought there should be some truth in labeling required of such ads. Nevada’s slogan should be: “Bring money, lose it, go home.” And I’ll take half the going rate, because two and half years ago the Nevada tourism panel spent $3 million for a six-word slogan: “A World Within. A State Apart.”

According to Vegas Inc., by the time they bought air time to broadcast commercials and created a mobile app with this amazing slogan — created by geniuses in Seattle and New York, who wouldn’t know a jackalope from a Fallon cantaloupe — the price tag would hit $9 million.







3 comments on “Tourism panel recycles an old commercial — targeting wrong audience in wrong way, perhaps?

  1. Rincon says:

    $3 million for a single phrase? They couldn’t hire a group of college students (the slogan would have definitely been better)? Well, since the guy who sold the phrase is one of the 1%, I’m sure he earned every penny.

  2. That’s highway robbery…and the slogan stinks to boot!

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Whatever happened to, “Nevada: Where the deer and the antelope get shot…”?

    Or, “Nevada: Where aliens lurk and slot machines rule…”?

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