Nevada law assures eventual flap over school gender identity

Coming to a school near you?


On Monday students at Hillsboro High School in Missouri staged a walkout over a 17-year-old boy who pretends to be a girl insisting on being able to use the girls’ locker room instead of a gender-neutral faculty facility.

The district has no policy to cover such things, so a lawyer who has two daughters at the school is working with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian advocacy group, to draft a “student physical privacy policy.”

This past legislative session Nevada lawmakers passed a sweeping anti-bullying law that specifically protects people who might be discriminated against because of: “Actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability of a person,sex or any other distinguishing characteristic or background of a person …”

It high-mindedly dictates: “Every classroom, hallway, locker room, cafeteria, restroom, gymnasium, playground, athletic field, school bus, parking lot and other areas on the premises of a public school in this State must be maintained as a safe and respectful learning environment, and no form of bullying or cyber-bullying will be tolerated within the system of public education in this State …”

Among the prohibitions in the law is: “Blocking access to any property or facility of a school …”

There you have it. By Nevada law, you can’t bar boys from the girls’ showers.

A bill that would have required public schools to provide gender-neutral facilities for boys who think they are girls and girls who think they are boys was scoffed at and went nowhere.

Boy who pretends to be a girl. (AP photo)

5 comments on “Nevada law assures eventual flap over school gender identity

  1. This is what happens when the inmates are running the asylum…both nationally & locally. (inmates: rabid progressive, leftist, socialist Democrats & confused “middle of the road,” establishment, go along to get along RINO’s)

  2. Addendum to “inmates” – neither group has ONE lick of common sense!

  3. Rincon says:

    So how hard would it be for the legislature to modify the law with an amendatory bill?

  4. Rincon says:

    Come to think of it, you guys are all for a strict fundamentalist view of the Constitution, but with this law, your answer would be to merely disregard the part that you think shouldn’t apply. Doesn’t sound very consistent to me.

  5. Bravo to the 100+ students who walked out over this facade…!

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