Tesla opts for lithium from Mexico, not Nevada

It appears the Tesla decision to build a battery factory near Sparks was about the $1.3 billion in tax breaks and not the proximity to Nevada’s own lithium mines.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Tesla has contracted for lithium ore from two companies that have rights to land in northern Mexico.

Someone tell Gov. Sandoval.

Tesla battery factory (AP photo via WSJ)

3 comments on “Tesla opts for lithium from Mexico, not Nevada

  1. Steve says:

    They’re going to need way more than one mine for the amounts of lithium and cobalt it will take to keep that plant producing.

  2. One day nonsense like this will stop. I think it outrageous that people don’t see the injustice in this. I am angry that Nevada’s mineral wealth is auctioned off to anyone! Not until the state is restructured and ran through popular committees. Why should crooks and bankers have Nevada’s mineral wealth to profit from? Sell the minerals, but get these dipshits out of it! What a joke! Get angry because some wage earners in Mexico beat the wage earners here. It is 2015. Employee owned businesses. NEVADAN OWNED MINING. Customer owned utilities! There is such a thing as an honest wage and beyond that profit is an admission of exploitation. Get over yourselves people. Human beings are not motivated by money. Human beings are hurt by a forced ‘dog eat dog’ dynamic. The people who say “Oh there would go exceptionalism!” are just scared of being poor. The same ones who tell themselves “I am more blessed because I am a Christian”. They are forgetting that part about the eye of the needle and the camel! No private group of investors deserves to own the mineral wealth of any land mass. That is where the outrage should be! Look at what Sandoval did to consumers through Sprint/RadioShack!

    The only thing that lasts are the loving exchanges we share with humans and right now, HUMANS ARE SUFFERING! Read Gaddafi’s Green Book people. If you want to know the truth you must seek it. Afterall, success and failure are the same imposter.

  3. […] Tesla Motors announced that it was contracting with producers in Mexico to obtain lithium for its gigafactory battery plant near Sparks, but this week Pure Energy […]

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