Obama announces new loans for projects Nevada has halted

How ironic.

On the day Obama is to speak to Harry Reid’s clean energy confab, his administration announces $1 billion in new loan guarantees for distributive energy — rooftop solar panels mostly — at the very time Nevada has shut down rooftop solar construction because it has hit a cap 235 megawatts.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who is currently speaking at the confab, said there is a “major opportunity” to expand the share of solar energy around the United States.

“At the Department of Energy, we are providing a significant focus on the issue of distributed energy tech and the infrastructures, the grid infrastructures, that we need to integrate these fully into the system,” Moniz said, according to The Hill.


7 comments on “Obama announces new loans for projects Nevada has halted

  1. Rincon says:

    Solar is potentially more economical in Nevada than anywhere in the country. Instead of having a backup natural gas plant for cloudy days, they just have to turn up Hoover Dam a little but this may not be so simple.. With Lake Mead being at the lowest level ever recorded, it seems reasonable to remove some of the pressure to continue generating more electricity, but I’m sure there’s a minimum flow through the dam dictated by the water rights of those downstream, Is Nevada currently using only the minimum or is it wasting water in order to generate more electricity? Even if Nevada is only allowing a minimum to flow through the dam, can it alter the flow for short periods or are they committed to an hourly flow?

  2. bc says:

    None of the water that goes through the dam is used in Nevada, the straws that draw water for Vegas are upstream of the dam. Flow through the dam is regulated by downstream users, electricity generated is a side benefit that paid for the dam.

  3. Most of that power goes to California.

  4. Steve says:

    The only electricity Nevada gets from the dam is fed back into Nevada’s grid from AZ and CA and this was only a recent development.
    Used to be none of that power was available to Nevada.

  5. Rincon says:

    The question remains whether the flow through the Hoover Dam can be modified on a day to day basis while sticking to an average dictated by regulation. Anyone know?

  6. Steve says:

    Electricity is not the primary use for the dam. Irrigation in California and Arizona take priority over electricity generation. This is why the lake level could fall below that needed to run the turbines.

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