Sun sinks to new low

What is the point of this charade?

Atop the front of the Sun section in the morning paper is this motto: “Locally owned and independent.”

Today’s ad-free, eight-page section contains a locally written entertainment column and a full page of photos from a basketball game at the Thomas & Mack. Everything else is from wire services, including the lede story about Elaine Wynn. Usually the Sun has one locally generated story on the cover, but not today.

It is not because the Sun staff is not producing local copy. There are nearly a dozen stories on its website, but they are no in print.

I don’t believe any of the “most-read” stories listed on the cover ever appeared in print.





5 comments on “Sun sinks to new low

  1. says:

    Tom, I felt the same way when I read it. I also noted that the RJ put John Smith’s commentary on the front page of the Sunday paper. Within his article he put forth a theory about the Republican Party. This is offensive and needs to be called out. I cannot post on the blog, though I read it every day, because I am challenging an incumbent assemblyman in AD19, Chris Edwards, so need to stay under the radar as far as blogs go. Will be happy to visit with you at any time in regard to this race. I am a true down the line conservative. Connie Foust

  2. Steve says:

    I think the only reason the Sun is printing anything in the RJ insert is for the JOA money.
    I also think they do not want anyone subscribing to the RJ in order to read the Sun.

    A two pronged approach, try to lower the RJ subscriber base by taking away anyone who wants to read the Sun and move them to the web portal. Then, from there, to Greenspun Media publications.

  3. The Sun’s Godfathers are Harry Reid and the JOA. This useless liberal rag will survive due to the Anti-monopoly Law on being their side.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    I solved any questions I had about the two rags, I cancelled my subscription. For the first time in over 50 years I have no subscriptions to newspapers or magazines

  5. Unlike a marriage, the RJ cannot divorce the Sun. The federal judge is the priest here.

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