All the news that’s fit to post online, but not to print

You knew this day was coming.

The ever shrinking Las Vegas Review-Journal morning newspaper has been tightening pages by putting a couple of Business section pages inside the Nevada section and putting the comics in the Classifieds. Anything to save newsprint.

But over at the Las Vegas Sun there are still the same number of pages, just nothing in them. Today’s eight-page section contains not a single locally generated news story. There is a listing of contacts for city officials and a two-week-old photo page from a gay and lesbian center celebration, but no stories, not even the usual sports and entertainment fluff.

On its website, the Sun has a five-paragraph AP story about Joe Heck running for Harry Reid’s Senate seat, a fatal car crash, a puff piece on solar energy, a couple of other spot news pieces and a story claiming raising the minimum wage in Nevada would do little harm, which will probably show up in print later in the week since the paper’s motto seems to be “mañana.” All with a liberal slant.

How long can this nonsense continue? Isn’t Brian Greenspun the least bit embarrassed? He could’ve rerun some 40-year-old columns by his father. The joint operating agreement was renegotiated once and there was a second, failed attempt.

sun cover

2 comments on “All the news that’s fit to post online, but not to print

  1. Steve says:

    Isn’t it obvious? JOA Money with no effort.

  2. Athos says:

    I actually read reprinted stories from Hank!

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