Bob Beers exits Senate race and newspaper actually covers it

That may be the best coverage Bob Beers’ senatorial campaign has gotten in the local paper in a year and half. Often stories about the race to replace Harry Reid neglect to mention him as a candidate or label him a long shot. But his bailing out of the race apparently warranted a mention inside the Nevada section.

But staffing at the paper must be even tighter than we thought. The byline on the story is columnist John L. Smith, who already writes four or five columns a week. Job security must be a valuable commodity.

The story quotes conservative Republican Beers’ website, where he wrote, “When I announced my candidacy more than a year ago, Harry Reid was actively running for re-election and I was the only Republican office holder in the state with the courage to run against him. His policies were so bad for Nevada, and for America, that I had decided to step up.”

As well as: “My goal was to stop Harry Reid from another term and I have accomplished that goal. The Nevada Republican Party will have no problem recruiting from our deep bench to find someone to run for the open seat and work, hopefully, to reign (sic or a pun?) in Washington. Meanwhile, I will be most effective serving the people of Las Vegas.”

Former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, a liberal Democrat who refused to file suit over ObamaCare, has been anointed by Reid to succeed him. Tax hiking Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has bowed out of contention and Republican Rep. Joe Heck is said to be considering a race.

None of the people being talked about as potential candidates are any where near as conservative and fiscally responsible as Beers.

Even though the Beers exit report ran as a news story, it still contained some commentary:

“According to his website, ‘He consistently describes being a councilman as ‘the most fun job I’ve ever had.’”

“But wouldn’t even the long-shot chance to hold a seat in the U.S. Senate have been even more fun?”




5 comments on “Bob Beers exits Senate race and newspaper actually covers it

  1. Steve says:

    As a dark horse candidate, Bob Beers had a good chance against the much maligned Harry Reid.
    The reality is those (semi) conservative Republicans have circled the wagons and are picking their best chance to beat Cortez Masto and I think that person may well be Joe Heck. If so, I could live with a Heller Heck team representing Nevada and they would have less trouble acting on their conservative core idea’s and being a real balance against Titus and her forever House district.
    I think Bob Beers has a right to make the claim he was part of Reid’s reason for retiring, I think Reid’s internal polls were pointing to him losing that seat and those same polls were probably showing Bob Beers significantly impacting the numbers.
    Reid getting out of the way actually made it more difficult for conservative candidates chances and at the least (from Reid’s point of view) keeps that seat in moderate Republican hands.

    Just my view of the horse race.

  2. Beers says he has accomplished his goal of stopping Reid…well it’s as valid as Reid saying Romney hadn’t paid his taxes for ten years…touche!

  3. Barbara says:

    I would not call either Heller or Heck moderate Republicans. I think they are both pretty liberal.

    Heller supports amnesty, thinks Republicans should not try to repeal Obamacare stating “we should just move on”; he consistently votes for federal stimulus bills, pumping money into federal housing programs, expanding the federal role in transportation policy, and robust energy and trade subsidies. He is also one of the most ardent supporters of the Ex-Im Bank. His Senate tenure has turned decidedly more liberal than when he was in the House.

    As for Heck, in his 2010 debate against Dina Titus it was noted they agreed “more often than they disagreed”. He brags that he is not afraid to cross party lines. He voted against an amendment cutting spending on housing for illegal aliens and against freezing funding for Obama’s illegal DACA program. He has been a consistent supporter of welfare programs voting against allowing states to implement work requirements for the food stamp program, voted against amendment blocking federal farm subsidies for those with incomes above $250,000. He has also consistently supported the Davis – Bacon union wage subsidy rule. The one area that he has been outstanding in is his support of the sanctity of life.

    All in all, I think it is time both returned to the private sector.

  4. nyp says:

    Sounds like they are perfectly in sync with the 2016 GOP presidential nominee, Jeb Bush.

  5. Bruce Feher says:

    Bob is a good man and America and Nevada misses out. I hope he’ll try for Heck seat if the “General” runs for the senate.

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