New R-J publisher promises no major changes … right now

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s new owner GateHouse Media on Thursday named Jason Taylor, a Gannettoid from Jackson, Miss., the paper’s new publisher.

Taylor, unlike many prior publishers, graced the newsroom with his presence for several minutes to introduce himself. It must have been several minutes because the paper posted 19 pictures of the event online today. There were few faces I recognized.

The paper reported that Taylor said it is too early to discuss future content changes under his direction and said he had “no immediate plans for any change in staffing — and not even on the long horizon” — first question any newsroom would ask these days.

“Overall, there’s a great group of leaders already in-house,” he was quoted as saying. “It’s just a matter of aligning a strategic vision and moving forward as a whole.”

Taylor also said he did not foresee any changes right now in the paper’s libertarian-leaning editorial page. Right now? How about next week? Or has that horse already left the gate with the paper’s endorsement of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s historic tax hike.

Gannett paper’s are notoriously liberal, but more importantly Taylor’s primary job will be to enhance the bottomline with circulation and advertising. That often requires pissing off the fewest number of people possible. Don’t make waves. The story reports the daily circulation is still hovering around 95,000, when at one time the paper was pushing to reach 200,000. It claims a Sunday circulation of 184,000. I doubt that either is an audited figure and probably includes e-Edition (print replication online) subscribers who never look at it.

New publisher in the newsroom. (R-J photo)



3 comments on “New R-J publisher promises no major changes … right now

  1. Jimmy Y. says:

    It’s nice to see Pee Wee Herman is making a comeback and is now publisher of the R-J.

    No staffing changes ? Tell that to the 25 copy editors and page designers who are packing their belongings as we speak.

    For a textbook lesson on rearend-kissing, take a look at the positioning, facial expressions, and body language of some nearby reporters. They know who they are.

    And does anyone else get an uneasy feeling about someone who is hired for a leadership role, then makes a “practical joke” about maybe/maybe not taking the job ?

    Local expos and events? Great idea ! How about a home show in the spring, and a boat show before summer ? Oh wait, that’s already being done.

    And what the hell does this line mean, “He urged Review-Journal staffers to reach out to past employees for insight into his management style.” ???

    We miss you Mitch.

  2. Yeah, that “practical joke” made me wonder, too.

  3. Steve says:

    “We miss you Mitch.”

    So do we out here in the world, Jimmy. So do we.

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