Another session coming to an end without real collective bargaining reform

Tell me again why we elected all those Republicans. You know, the ones who promised collective bargaining reform and public employee pension changes that would save taxpayers millions of dollars.

So far the changes have been cosmetic at best.

Assembly Bill 280, which would have allowed local government to opt out of collective bargaining, hasn’t been heard from since April.

Assembly Bill 190, to reform PERS, is probably buried.

In his State of the State speech Gov. Brian Sandoval mentioned collective bargaining several times, but he has been AWOL ever since.

He also said, “We must also consider Sensible reform to the Public Employee Retirement System and the way we pay state employees.” Since then, crickets.

Brian Sandoval at State of State speech (AP photo)

Victor Joecks of NPRI notes that only minor changes have advanced on collective bargaining, such as Senate Bill 241. “When you first read look at SB241, it sounds like it’s a substantive reform, but when you examine the details, you’ll find it makes only cosmetic changes,” he writes.

Conservative activist Chuck Muth compares it to Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown year, after year, after year. It is apt. After all, he used the same comparison in 2011.

Fooled again.



One comment on “Another session coming to an end without real collective bargaining reform

  1. Winston Smith says:

    This happens because…
    1) Republicans will play to the conservatives to be elected, but immediately forget which party they belong to once they arrive in (generic capitol city).
    2) Skeletons are displayed prominently from the closet, with accompanying threats.
    3) Republicans just love running with the crash of old RINOs.
    4) Republicans are told that their principles must be checked at the door because they, “just don’t work in the real world.”
    5) The executive branch will tell them that, “I won’t ever sign that legislation, so don’t waste your time.”
    6) Republicans believe that they’ll have more friends in (generic capitol city) if they learn to compromise.
    7) Someone with money will tell them, “I’ll support your re-election if you just play ball.”
    8) Party leaders will tell them, “You can’t change the things have been that way forever without totally upsetting the system.”
    9) Republicans don’t initially realize that the press is blatantly leftist and will criticize anything they try to do.
    10) There will always be someone “hurt” by any challenge to the status quo, and those people are more than thrilled to speak in front of the legislature with their anecdotal crying.

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