There ought to be a law — part ∞

What if you had a law on the books that was being roundly ignored? Of course, pass a new law and hire a bunch of social workers to do what the law already required.

By law, bullying in public schools must be reported by a teacher or staff member to the principal on the day it happened. The principal must investigate no later than one day after being notified and must provide written notice to the parent or legal guardian of each pupil involved.

According to testimony at the Legislature, the law is being ignored.

Parents say daughter killed herself over bullying and they were never notified. (R-J photo)

So Senate Bill 504 provides for “disciplinary and licensure proceedings against administrators, teachers and other employees of a public school for failure to comply with certain provisions of law regarding bullying and cyber-bullying …”

Uh, there was no recourse already available to school administrators who had employees violating the law and moral decency?

The newspaper account also notes that the governor’s budget includes spending $36 million on a new program called Social Workers in Schools. Another $300,000 a year would establish the Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment.

And that doesn’t count the money the county school districts will have to spend.

In other words, they are spending more of our money because they refuse to do the job already assigned by law. Can’t blame them. Pass another law. That’s what lawmakers do.

State Sen. Don Gustavson was the only vote against the bill:

5 comments on “There ought to be a law — part ∞

  1. Anonymous says:

    Need some “education” for bullies other than having their fathers beat each other up.

  2. A.D. Hopkins says:

    I think we should dispatch some Metro cops to give wedgies to the principals and teachers who aren’t enforcing the law.

  3. iShrug says:

    If there were fewer laws, they would likely be taken more seriously. It would be easier to keep track of them, for certain.

  4. Athos says:

    Hey! It’s just a problem of NOT ENOUGH MONEY FOR THE CHILDREN! We’re gonna spend it now and send them the bill, later!

    What a country!

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Comrades, everything in life, no matter the size, must be politicized!

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