Boy, did I pick a career with a future?

Worst job in America. ( illustration)

In 1973 I took a job as a newspaper reporter at a small daily in Hurst, Texas. The future was so bright I had to wear shades.

I moved on to a bigger paper in Texas and then one in Louisiana and then one in Miami. None of those papers exists today.

And the job of newspaper reporter? According to, in 2015 that is the worst job in America — No. 200 out of 200, worse than being a lumberjack, worse than being enlisted in the military, worse than being a cook. The pay is lousy and the prospects of finding and keeping a job are nearly nil.

Newspaper reporting first gained that distinction two years ago and is holding tightly to the bottom rung.

Well, for most of those years since 1973 I was an editor, and that ranked as only the 137th worst job, which was better than photojournalist at No. 195 and ad sales at No. 184.

The newspaper business is in a death spiral. First, classifieds were stolen by online apps, cutting revenue, which led to cutting costs, meaning reporters. With less news being reported, circulation declined. With less circulation, ad revenue declined. With less ad revenue, more cuts in spending, etc., etc.


12 comments on “Boy, did I pick a career with a future?

  1. Great article…but, with new social media technology, the newspaper companies should be able to LINK in-technicolor video feeds / clips (along with the printed news published also online), to get the audience back

  2. What do newspapers have to offer that can compete with all the eye candy on the Internet?

  3. John Smith says:

    But think of the benefits.

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  4. If you like your job, you can … Oh yeah, management by whim.

  5. noodle35 says:

    Only the tough survive!



    Jim Gregory


    Phone: ( 775-738-8000 x 109

    Fax: 775-778-0315/ 738-8990

    Cell: 775-934-5995


    P. O. Box 2688

    Elko, NV 89803

  6. Steve says:

    I spent 14 years employed at Eastman Kodak Company….Prior to that I was employed as a bench tech in an electronics service center contracted with all the major manufacturers.

    Now I have a job in shrink management, it’s still tech and I still use my electronics, with which they wouldn’t have hired me. But I NEVER thought the bottom would have fallen out of the stuff I worked on back in those days on the bench.

    AND Eastman Kodak! I though that was my retirement job! Now, here I am basically starting over again…though that is a good complaint to have..I don’t have that many more years to go before I reach retirement age.

    I just spent the afternoon at the Photo Booth Expo. That is another segment of the photo industry trying to re invent themselves…

    Your industry is not the only one in the dump due to the digital age, Tom.

    If anyone wants a Photo Booth, I suggest KIS USA.

  7. nyp says:

    Jonathan Adler, the well-known libertarian law professor behind the King v. Burwell ObamaCare challenge, has an interesting article about how a libertarian should think about climate change:

  8. Winston Smith says:

    I just love salami and cream cheese together…

  9. nyp says:

    You are concerned that the monthly increase in American jobs is not as fast as it has been in recent months??
    Much better than the huge decreases in jobs at the end of the Bush Administration.

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