New Las Vegas newspaper owner ‘very eager’ to meet Sun executives

Here is an interesting passage from today’s Las Vegas newspaper:

Nor will there be a modification of the joint operating agreement that has the Review-Journal print and distribute the Las Vegas Sun as a daily insert — a relation­ship that has not always been harmonious.

Sun owner Brian Greenspun sued the Review-Journal in District Court in Clark County in March, alleging that the Review-Journal improperly deducted editorial costs from profits before paying the Sun the monthly stipend that supports its newsroom operations. Greenspun said the Review-Journal shorted his paper at least $6 million in the past decade. Stephens Media filed a motion Wednesday to compel arbitration in the matter.

Kirk Davis, chief operating officer of New Media and CEO of GateHouse, said in a recent staff meeting that he’s “very eager” to meet with Sun executives.

I’ll bet the new owners of the R-J are “very eager” to meet with Sun executives, since the 6- to 10-page Sun section is an expensive albatross dragging down the paper’s profits.

I wonder how New Media Investments will calculate the Sun tax?

Brian Greenspun

6 comments on “New Las Vegas newspaper owner ‘very eager’ to meet Sun executives

  1. Please explain why the RJ must pay the Sun good money, when the RJ is the one keeping the freaking uber neo-Marxist Greenspun hobby alive

  2. It was a long-term contract that made sense at the time.

  3. Greenspun can’t be having fun anymore, the paper’s content is all sports and entertainment and syndicated material. He was in it for politics. He seldom writes a column. Their only recent editorial that I can recall was headlined: “Thank you, Harry.”

  4. Steve says:

    On a CNN interview, Jon Ralston, indirectly call the (then) editor of the Review Journal, great.
    And it would appear he meant it.

  5. I don’t know why it took him so long to it, but one local blogger nailed it at the time:

    “I’m not sure who to believe- the Sun or the LVRJ. The Las Vegas Sun and Brian Greenspun are not capable of telling the truth andGreenspun lack the ethics of running a newspaper. But the LVRJ story doesn’t say why Ralston was let go.
    “I will float this theory out there: The Sun has refused to criticize Crybaby Harry Reid for his lies about Mitt Romney not paying taxes, even though this story is local and both Ralston and Anjeanette Damon would have plenty knowledge about the story. My guess is that Brian “The Coward” Greenspun has squelched the story and Ralston and Dana Gentry quit over this issue and probably because of other stories Ralston has written this past year, which have hurt the liberal cause.”

  6. Steve says:

    It took 12 years for him to discover he was working for good people at the RJ.

    Shouldn’t really be surprising it would take a few more to let a little of that out.

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