Will Republican lawmakers ridicule this budget proposal, too?

When Dan Schwartz had the temerity to suggest the state would not sink into chaos if its general fund budget was increased by merely 4.6 percent instead of the governor’s proposed 12.3 percent, he was ridiculed and shouted at. Not enough detail he was told.

Now Assembly Majority Whip Jim Wheeler, state Controller Ron Knecht and a few other conservative Republicans have presented their “Balanced Plan for Growth: A Budget for the New Nevada,” an alternative to Gov. Brian Sandoval’s $1.3 billion increase in general fund spending and taxes.

Knecht said the plan spends almost all of what Sandoval wants on education, but eliminates the need for the business license fee/margin tax and allows “sunset” taxes to actually sunset.

The plan still calls for spending $6.92 billion, which is more than the $6.3 billion that the Economic Forum forecast will be available to spend under current tax law.

Wheeler and Knecht explain how their budget reaches some of that extra spending:

“Holds employer contributions to employee pensions constant at current rates and requires all employees to contribute to their own retirements.It redirects $334 million in projected savings from this measure as a revenue source for public education.”

Additional savings, they save, comes from funding education programs through block grants instead of usual appropriations.

“The Plan is our attempt to move the process forward and avoid a Legislative stalemate by providing a work-in-progress budget between current spending and the Governor’s proposed budget,” said Knecht in a press release.  “Our proposal is not the final word, but instead a constructive Plan that is conciliatory and fully respectful of the roles of the Governor and the Legislature.”

Budget Plan for Growth press release

Balanced Plan for Growth Budget details

bjt plan

Spending plan from Wheeler and Knecht continues from one page the next

bjt spending 1

bjt spending 2

Many of the line items are the same as the governor’s. One notable exception is the GOED — Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

4 comments on “Will Republican lawmakers ridicule this budget proposal, too?

  1. Barbara says:

    The Republican leadership in the Senate and House, along with Gov. Sandoval, have made a mockery of the Republican Party Platform::

    “We strongly support those in public office who resist higher taxes and fees, and seek to reduce the size, cost and scope of government at all levels.

    Residents of the State of Nevada are not under-taxed and state government is not under-funded. Our current budget crisis is the result of years of overspending. Government cannot tax the state or the residents into prosperity.”

    I know of no Republican candidate that ran on a platform of increased state spending. They were given an historical win only to turn their backs on the people who put them in office.

  2. Throw (more) money at it. Nevada COULD FIND $100 MILLION by enhancing Parole and Probation staffing/processes and CUTTING DPT OF CORRECTIONS. More than 5,000 incarcerated, non-violent convicts are ready to REENTER the world but no, Nevada can’t figure out how to make this happen. GET A GRIP ON REALITY: these guys and gals are gonna get out. Are we gonna sour them on the world forever or are they gonna go for the good life?

  3. […] his brief outline for a budget that would still spend more without tax hikes. Controller Ron Knecht rolled out his more detailed plan to spend almost as much as Sandoval, but without tax hikes. Now, Assembly […]

  4. […] state Controller Ron Knecht should visit the new publisher and tout his spending plan that doesn’t hike […]

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