How did the governor craft his business license fee based on gross receipts?

Jeremy Aguero of Applied Analysis addressed a joint meeting of the state Senate and Assembly taxation panels and explained how those drafting the governor’s business license fee based on gross receipts came up with 27 different tax tables for 27 different industries, despite the fact the state Constitution requires taxation to be uniform and equal.

My best guess, and it is truly a guess, is that he is saying the different tables modify the “gross receipts” aspect to account for differing levels of profitability in different industries. It all seems rather contorted:

A translation would be welcome if anyone has one.


2 comments on “How did the governor craft his business license fee based on gross receipts?

  1. I suspect you have correctly identified the rational for the divisions, as they GENERALLY apply to different industries. However, the various businesses within that general category might, and do, have differing cost factors that are not accounted for in the general industry. That could include, using older, less efficient, but more expensive equipment to carry on the same commerce. Or a differing mix of employees and employee classifications that can, and do, effect the profitability of business operating in the same industry. I believe the Governor’s attempt , though laudatory, nevertheless violates the Nevada Constitution. There has got to be a better way to tax business and individuals than what this misguided attempt does in order to have a fair and equitable taxing system. The Governor’s modified gross receipts tax, no matter how constituted, doesn’t pass the smell test! Daryl E. Capurro

  2. Ed Uehling says:

    Having watched Jeremy Aguero for years now, I consider him to be an information whore. Government agencies love him because his fast talking and humorous presentation prevents any serious consideration of the the data he spews and something funny always happens: The data invariably supports the position of the agency’s leadership, which is ALWAYS getting more money.

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