The Sun charade goes, painfully and pitifully, on

The Sun insert in the Las Vegas newspaper today carried a front page story telling readers, what few there are, that the joint operating agreement (JOA) is still in effect under the new ownership of the Review-Journal.

The R-J story on the sale said as much. Neither story noted the JOA does not expire until 2040.

The Sun story did explain, “Under the joint operating agreement, the Sun is printed and distributed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and receives a portion of the R-J’s advertising revenue.” Actually, the Sun gets a portion of the paper’s profit.

The question is: With so little effort being put into the content of the Sun section, why would anyone, including Brian Greenspun, bother with continuing this charade.

Perhaps New Media Investment Group will make Greenspun a better offer to end the JOA. Or with a little created bookkeeping, they might figure out a way to make sure there is no profit to share.

Brian Greespun took control of the Sun from his siblings this past year. The siblings had negotiated to end the joint operating agreement with the Review-Journal.

3 comments on “The Sun charade goes, painfully and pitifully, on

  1. Mike C. says:

    This is the real indicator that Harry Reid is running for Senate. When the Senator no longer needs the help of his friend and his friend’s printing press to aid in his reelection, that printing press will be retired.

  2. bc says:

    I used to like reading Hank Greenspun, I would buy the paper from a rack at lunch every now and then just to read his ranting and raving. Brian was never more than a shadow of the old man from a columnist point of view. Time for the paper to go away, Vegas is no longer big enough for two papers and if you can’t go big, then go home.

    The JOA between the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News kept the Rocky going for a long time and it was a great paper. But Denver was not big enough for two papers either and down it went.

  3. […] How long can this nonsense continue? Isn’t Brian Greenspun the least bit embarrassed? He could’ve rerun some 40-year-old columns by his father. The joint operating agreement was renegotiated once and there was a second, failed attempt. […]

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