An argument that swallows its own tail

And I thought Brian Greenspun was the master of the self-defeating argument.

But in a letter to the Las Vegas newspaper today Leon Pitt not only defeats his own premise but makes a strong case for an opposite stance.

“Let’s face it: There will never be a Hollywood movie, satire or not, about the assassination of a sitting U.S. president or European political leader,” Pitt writes in a letter that does not give any hint of being satire. “Yet, ‘exceptional Americans’ defend Sony Pictures’ ‘The Interview,’ about the assassination of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, as a free-speech issue and just a movie. Had a Western leader been the subject, there would have been denouncements, picketing and possible criminal charges leveled against the film’s maker.”

He goes on in this vein, calling Americans sanctimonious and saying we engage in double-speak — actually the terms were newspeak and doublethink in the book, which wasn’t satire.

But the 2006 movie titled “Death of a President,” about the assassination of a sitting president, George W. Bush, apparently did not result in any denouncements, picketing and possible criminal charges leveled against the film’s maker. It raised hardly a ripple, at least not enough of one to stick in Mr. Pitt’s memory.

And that movie wasn’t supposed to be a comedy.

Perhaps we take free speech for granted in this country.




7 comments on “An argument that swallows its own tail

  1. Winston Smith says:

    I love, but have you guys seen Even more fun…

  2. Steve says:

    You find yourself in agreement with blogger “John F” (Sherm has had several good discussions with him over the years too, though mostly about wines) John F is not normaly a word twister and will acknowledge an error when he makes them…like he did in response to that letter.
    John F is a liberal who is disillusioned with Obama for not going FAR enough with social programs…ACA being the most often mentioned. John F purportedly lives in Louisiana and wanted “single payer” health care.

    Nyp! Take note:
    This is twice in the same week we Find Tom in agreement with liberals! 😉

  3. Rincon says:

    I consider it a patriotic duty to see this film, even though its ratings are mediocre. I hope you guys watched (and paid for) it. Umm, I’m still getting to it.

  4. Steve says:

    It is total crapola…would have been a non starter without all the controversy.

  5. Athos says:

    Kind of a shame that a major studio gets 1 hair growing on its ball sack, and makes a movie about assassinating an evil world leader and then gets shut down to blackmail. I’m still waiting for them to make “American Assassin” from the Vince Flynn book, but then there would be all kind of blow black from the PC crowd (and a little Salman Rushdie redux).

    Of course they could always but an anti Muslim movie on the internet……oh wait. That’s been done, hasn’t it? Just in time for Pinocchio to spin Benghazi for the elections! Team Ø must have been stunned that the American public (and the MSM) were that stupid to fall for that one.

    And then again, maybe Gruber was right!

  6. Athos says:

    Speaking of leaders with some major death wish, anyone else catch Egypt’s al-Sisi’s speech to Cairo on New Year’s Day?

    THAT took some major cojones! google: Egypt’s al-Sisi Makes Extraordinary Speech on Islam by Roger L. Simon

  7. Yes, read about that. Interesting.

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