There is the scent of schadenfreude in the air as Ralston TV show goes dark — bridge burning to follow

I’m sure there are more than a few people out there today who are feeling a bit of schadenfreude.

That is one of Jon Ralston’s favorite words. He uses it all the time. It is the pleasure one derives from the misfortunes of others. It is German for “harm-joy.”

Jon Ralston

Ralston’s TV gabfest goes off the air on Dec. 12. Channel 3’s new owners apparently have other plans for the little watched time slot. Ralston now adds former TV pundit to his resume, which already includes former Review-Journal reporter and columnist, as well as former Las Vegas Sun columnist.

The Las Vegas newspaper account of this appropriately referred to the show as his bully pulpit. The sources Ralston could not develop by trading favors, he got by bullying, threatening and browbeating. I’ve heard him.

“His website,, offers a daily mix of tidbits about Nevada’s political scene, often delivered with acerbic personal attacks and name-calling, but sometimes injected with levity,” the R-J account of his departure says. “He recently called the activist group Citizen Outreach ‘Citizen Outhouse clowns’ and called conservative Republican legislators a ‘gang of loons.'”

Some might call that sophomoric.

The clowns at Citizen Outhouse return the favor:

Ralston Reports, the little-watched left-wing public affairs show originating out of KSNV Channel 3 in Las Vegas, was cancelled today.  The last show for the man who never met a bridge he didn’t burn will be on December 12th.

Watch parties for the defrocked TV pundit’s last hurrah are being organized as we speak.

The over-under for when Ralston will start trashing KSNV and its new owners after his swan song has been set at 48 hours.

Defrocked was the word Ralston frequently used when deriding his former, also now former, supervisors at the R-J. He also cast aspersions on the publisher of the Sun after his exit, as well as everyone else.

The tune “Always Burning Bridges” will be in my head all day.


11 comments on “There is the scent of schadenfreude in the air as Ralston TV show goes dark — bridge burning to follow

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    Good riddance!

    (idiomatic) Used to indicate that a departure, or loss is welcome.
    I couldn’t be more glad to see the back of them, good riddance I say.
    Goodbye and good riddance!

  2. Eddie InLiberty Hamilton says:

    This strident liberal attack pitbull finally found his match in the ultra conservative new KSNV station owner Sinclair Broadcasting company.

  3. Steve says:

    Next step, Ralston is hired by the RJ to complement Sebelius….then BBM takes over the RJ as its readership begins to equal that of the insert inside.

    BBM takes ownership of the newly failing and in the bankruptcy sale, cancels both contracts and the JOA with the insert.

    Sherm and Tom take over and the RJ (under BBM ownership) grows and survives.

    You read it here first!

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Hey Tom, when that happens, will you and Sherm pls bring back Vin. I read his blog, but that is not enuf.

  5. I’m waiting for his book.

  6. iShrug says:

    It was a real treat to see those famous faces at the end, from so long ago. Maybe Ralston will do a blog on WordPress. Maybe he already does, and I just never bothered to look.

  7. Mike says:

    Chuck Muth (Citizen Outreach) has such eficient ways of making idiots sound idiotic. Usually it is the simple effort of repeating what they have said but if he puts a little extra effort into it you don’t want to be on the receiving end.
    Chuck was gracious to Ralston when Ralston got his DUI. Chuck kinda said ‘hey, it was a mistake and Ralston handled it well.’ It took about a month for Ralston to start the hostilities up again.
    Never met Ralston, charming fellow in person I’m sure.

  8. Mike says:

    …yes there should be 2 ‘f’s in that word…where’s an editor when you need one?
    Actually I read several news blogs and about a year ago I realized that almost no one gets their work edited. Spelling, typos, grammar….it is all the wild West…and forget about ‘less’ and ‘fewer’.
    I had an aunt who taught primary school, especially English. My entire family feels physical pain when we find the errors in our writing. I just finished reading Zerohedge and had to use half a bottle of ibuprophen.

  9. It is obvious, Mike, you’ve never met Ralston.

  10. Winston Smith says:

    ibuprofen 🙂

  11. Athos says:

    That movie (Kelly’s Heroes) is on my short list of favorites. Has nothing to do with that POS Ralston. It’s a shame that lefties can’t see how wrong they are, and just keep on repeating their pompous idiocy. Like spoiled children that don’t understand why we all can’t just eat cake and ice cream for every meal.

    Look to the mirror, Jon. Therein lies your problem, and ultimate salvation. Hope you change.

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