Just feeling the vexation without representation

Assemblyman Wes Duncan

Well there goes my representation in the state Legislature.

First, my Republican state senator, Mark Hutchison, gets elected lieutenant governor, now my Republican Assembly representative, Wes Duncan, gets appointed chief assistant by Attorney General-elect Adam Laxalt.

Who fills those vacancies?

Of course, the all-Democrat Clark County Commission. There is an online application form to apply for Hutchison’s seat, and I suppose there will be one for Duncan.

I would be tempted to apply, but with all the things I’ve written over the past 40-plus years, I’d probably get Ira Hansened.

5 comments on “Just feeling the vexation without representation

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    DO IT TOM!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Everything you wrote is well known and in the open. They had to dig into obscure microfilm to find stuff Hansen wrote. Had Hansen stood up and made clear that was stuff from the old days and that letter from 2 years ago was in response to extreme things on the left in support of the bill and said he has “evolved” like Harry Reid did from the old days…then Hansen would have shown me some real courage in the face of political attacks and proven he has the backbone to lead.
    By quitting and claiming conspiracy Hansen shows he lacks the cajones to do that job.

    On the other hand, Tom, you have exactly what it takes to do the job. You should apply.

  3. Bill Wilson says:

    The best idea I’ve read in years! Please consider!

  4. Eddie InLiberty Hamilton says:

    Gov. Sandoval is behind all the behind the scene maneuverings. He directed Slanker to destroy Hansen, who in turn hired northern left leaning journalist Myers, a socialist Democrat (to dig out all the dirt). NOW the Mexicano governor will offer Clark County commish chair Sisolak to appoint a RINO to replace Duncan.In return Gov. BS will push for legislation to allow CC commissioner to increase property taxes by hiking the cap…

  5. I think you must have an inside track, Eddie. That sounds like the plan.

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